Which fish is viviparous?

Which fish is viviparous?

Viviparous fish give birth to live young, the eggs develop, whilst receiving nutrition from the parent. Scoliodon is the genus of requiem shark. The Scoliodon or spadenose shark exhibits the most advanced mode of viviparity of any fish.

Is ROHU a viviparous fish?

Oviparous fish such as Labeo (Rohu), Catla (Katla), Clarias (Magur) are most of the bony fishes.

How many fish are viviparous?

The adaptations that involve the gestation only occur in the ovary and embryo. Modifications in the reproductive system of males are also decisive, since they need to reach internal fertilization or internal gametic association. Among the 25.000 species of teleost fishes, approximately 500 fish species are viviparous.

What are Vivipary 3 examples?

Human beings, dogs, cats, elephants, etc are few examples of viviparous animals.

Are Dolphins viviparous?

Examples of marine life that are viviparous include: Marine mammals such as whales and dolphins, pinnipeds, sirenians, and sea otters.

Is Magur viviparous?

Magur belongs to the Class Osteichthyes. Members of this class have external fertilization and are oviparous.

Is flying fish viviparous?

It is viviparous as it gives birth to young ones. D. Exocoetus, known as flying fish, is oviparous. So, the correct answer is ‘Gambusia’.

Are starfish viviparous?

In some species they will form and develop on the body of the parents. Therefore, most starfish are oviparous, as the embryos is formed and developed externally. However, there are certain species of starfish, like the Patiriella vivipara, that are viviparous as their young develop within the gonads of their parents.

Is salmon fish is viviparous?

Salmon, for example, are oviparous. What is this? Ovoviviparous fish keep the eggs inside of the mothers body after internal fertilization. Each embryo develops in its own egg.

Are sharks viviparous?

Do sharks give birth to live young? There are more viviparous shark species – which bear live young – than sharks that lay eggs. But throughout Earth’s oceans, viviparity occurs in a variety of forms. Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) are the largest species of shark.

Is Whale viviparous?

Mammals are viviparous as they give birth to living young ones with a few exceptions. The whale is an aquatic mammal whereas, bats are flying mammals. Both give birth to young ones & hence, are viviparous. Birds of all types lay eggs, i.e. they are oviparous.

Is whale viviparous?

Are guppies viviparous or Ovoviviparous?

Different with other fishes, the guppies (Poecilia reticulata) is ovoviviparity, which retain their fertilized eggs within the follicle throughout gestation. The synchronously growing diplotene oocytes store nutrients in droplets and yolk, before their maturation and fertilization.

Is Macropus oviparous?

They are viviparous mammals belonging to the family Equidae and its numerous species have become extinct and known only from their fossils. So, the correct answer is, ‘(c) Ornithorhynchus’.

Is ROHU viviparous or oviparous?

oviparous animals
Note: Clarias, rohu & sark are all oviparous animals as they lay eggs whereas the gambusia is a viviparous animal as it gives birth to young one not lay eggs.

Are whales viviparous?

Is Crab oviparous or viviparous?

Crabs are oviparous species that lay eggs to give birth to their offspring.

Are turtles viviparous?

Turtles, crocodiles, and tuatara are all oviparous as are some species of lizard and snake. Viviparous (live bearing): Viviparous reptiles give birth to live young.

Is Dolphin a viviparous?

Is fish Viviparous or Oviparous?

Overview. Most fish are oviparous, although ovoviparity and viviparity are also well represented. Parental care may occur in oviparous fishes but is quite variable, with many fishes scattering eggs and displaying no care whatsoever for offspring.