How long is a belt for a 42 inch deck?

How long is a belt for a 42 inch deck?

The length of the belt is 96-1/2 inches.

What size belt does a John Deere 42 inch deck take?

John Deere Deck Drive Belt fits 42″ Cut Decks No. Size: BB 5/8″ x 153-3/4″.

What size is the drive belt for MTD Yard Machine?

MTD Drive Belt No. Size: 3/8″ x 36″. Replaces # 954-0465 & 754-0465.

How long is 42 Deck CRAFTSMAN belt?

CRAFTSMAN 42-in Deck Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors (0.53-in W x 96.5-in L)

What size belt goes on a John Deere riding lawn mower?

Compatible with John Deere Riding Mower 48″ Deck Kevlar V-Belt 141.7″ X 1/2″ GX21833.

How long is a size 42 belt?


36 92 M
38 97 M
40 102 L
42 107 L

How do you determine a man’s belt size?

Men’s Belt Size Chart The general rule for measuring a man’s belt size is to take your pant size and add 2 inches. For example, if you wear a size 34 pant, we recommend a size 36 belt. You can also use a tape measure where you will be wearing your belt, that number is where the center hole of the belt will fit.

How do I know what size belt I need for my deck?

Place one end of the tailor’s tape measure on the mark, then extend the tape measure around the inside circumference of the circle until you reach the mark with the other end of the tape measure. Take your reading from the tape measure to determine the size of the belt.

Is MTD and yard machine the same?

MTD’s regional brands include Troy-Bilt® in the Americas, Rover® in the Pacific, and WOLF-Garten® in Europe. The portfolio also includes Remington®, Yard Machines®, Columbia®, and MTD Genuine Parts® brands, all primarily sold in the Americas; and Robomow® which is sold in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

What size belt goes on a CRAFTSMAN 42 inch deck?

AYP / Craftsman / Sears 42″ Deck Belt No. Size: 1/2 x 101-1/2. Replaces part number 429636.

What size is the belt for a 42 inch cut CRAFTSMAN Riding Mower?

CRAFTSMAN 42-in Deck Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors (0.53-in W x 96.5-in L) in the Lawn Mower Belts department at

Are all 42 inch mower belts the same?

There’s no standard size for a 42-inch-cut riding mower. Each model uses a different size belt. To give examples, some models use a drive belt that is ½ inch wide by 92 inches in length, while others use a belt ½ inch wide by 85 inches in length.