What is General Santos City known for?

What is General Santos City known for?

It is a highly urbanized city located at the southern portion of South Cotabato, but perhaps its biggest claim to fame is that boxer Manny Pacquiao is a native. It is known as “The Tuna Capital of the Philippines”. General Santos is also home to a lot of media practitioners and media companies.

Who discovered GenSan?

On February 27, 1939, the Christian settlers landed on the shores of the beautiful Sarangani Bay led by General Paulino Santos with the 62 first batchers.

When did GenSan became a city?

5 September 1988
General Santos, officially known as the City of General Santos, and abbreviated as GenSan, is a 1st class highly urbanized city in the region of Soccsksargen, Philippines….General Santos.

General Santos Dadiangas
Cityhood 8 July 1968
Highly urbanized city 5 September 1988
Named for General Paulino Santos
Barangays 26 (see Barangays)

What is the tradition of General Santos City?

General Santos City celebrates the Kalilangan every month of February. “Kalilangan” means festival, festivity or jubilation. It is a social gathering marked by exchanging of amenities among traditional leaders, elders, allies and subordinates in varying tones.

What is the meaning of GenSan?


Acronym Definition
GENSAN General Santos City (South Cotabato, Philippines)

What is in GenSan?

Top places to visit when in Gensan are:

  • Fish Port (you need to be early when doing this activity; around 6am)
  • Pacman Tour if you’re a big fan. PACMAN Resort, Wildcard Gym, His 2 mansions and stadium are among the places you’ll be visiting.
  • Sarangani Paragliding Adventure – Cost is around 3,000 pesos.

Which festival is celebrated in General Santos City?

Tuna Festival
Tuna Festival is an annual festival celebrated in General Santos City, South Cotabato on first week of September of every year.

What festival is celebrated in General Santos City?

What province is General Santos city belong?

Province of South Cotabato
General Santos, General Santos City (Dadiangas), Province of South Cotabato, Soccsksargen, Philippines.

Why GenSan is the tuna capital of the Philippines?

As early as 1970, General Santos City has been called as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines” since it has a total daily catch that can surpass any other fish ports in the country combined or not. As the tuna capital of the Philippines, it boasts the most modern fish port in the country and aids the local economy.

Why should we visit GenSan?

Unlike other areas in SOX (SOCSKSARGEN Region), Gensan serves as a pit-stop and it is the main hub for business and leisure. Most outdoor activities are targeted outside the city. Here are some options: Lake Sebu and 7 Falls (Travel to Lake Sebu and have a thrill at the 700m zipline ride).

What is the history of Tuna Festival?

The Tuna Festival is the biggest fiesta in GenSan since 1988. This festival celebrates the city’s main product: Tuna. GenSan is the largest producer of Sashimi-grade Tuna in the Philippines. The beginning of the festival is marked by an extravagant “Tuna Float Parade”.

What is festival in GenSan?

KALILANGAN is Gensan’s cultural festival, a celebration of harmony amidst cultural diversity of its inhabitants, called Generals.

Why is it called Tuna Festival?

What are the problems of General Santos City?

Threats to Biodiversity. Unregulated fishing, unregistered fishing boats, use of illegal gears and unsustainable fishing practices, a lack of data and research on current fish stocks, and challenges in monitoring and surveillance all negatively affect biodiversity in the Sarangani Bay.

How much is a kilo of tuna in Gensan?

In 2022, the approximate price range for Philippines Tuna is between US$ 4.08 and US$ 4.08 per kilogram or between US$ 1.85 and US$ 1.85 per pound(lb). The price in Philippine peso is PHP 197.25 per kg.

Why do Filipinos celebrate tuna?

What is the name of festival in General Santos City?

What is the name of festival in General Santos?

What marine product is celebrated in General Santos City?

Tuna festival, is an outstanding festival in the city of General Santos City, on account of the abundance of tuna fish.

How did General Santos get its name?

The city is named for General Paulino Santos, who directed the pioneer settlement (mostly by Christian Filipino migrants) and development of the Koronadal Valley that began in the mid-1930s. General Santos city is located at the head of Sarangani Bay of the Celebes Sea along the southern shore of Mindanao.

What is the history of Santos City?

It is the regional center for commerce and industry of the Soccsksargen region, and is geographically located within the province of South Cotabato but administered independently of it. Formerly known as Dadiangas, the city was named after Gen. Paulino Santos, a former Commanding General of the Philippine Army and the settlement’s leading pioneer.

Is General Santos a city in Cebu?

General Santos, officially the City of General Santos, (Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Heneral Santos; Hiligaynon: Dakbanwa/Syudad sang Heneral Santos; Filipino: Lungsod ng Heneral Santos, referred to as General Santos City, and abbreviated as GenSan, is a 1st class highly urbanized city in Soccsksargen, Philippines.

Who is the present Mayor of General Santos City?

Then the city mayor for nine years, now congressman Hon. Pedro B. Acharon, Jr. is the new representative of the First District – South Cotabato and General Santos City. At present, Hon. Ronnel C. Rivera is the incumbent mayor of General Santos City (June 2013 – present).