What radio station is KPBS in San Diego?

What radio station is KPBS in San Diego?

89.5 FM (97.7 FM Calexico) | KPBS Public Media. KPBS-FM, part of KPBS Public Media, is a non-commercial public radio station licensed to San Diego State University, broadcasting in San Diego on 89.5 FM and on 97.7 FM in Calexico, Imperial County.

How can I stream KPBS?

Premieres Monday, July 11, 2022 at 10:30 p.m. on KPBS TV / On demand with PBS Video App.

Is KPBS free?

Download the free KPBS App to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet. Learn more about KPBS On The Go. Listen via our site. Many of our programs can also be downloaded as a podcast.

Where is KPBS San Diego?

The two outlets share studios located on the SDSU campus at the Copley Communications Center on Campanile Drive in San Diego. KPBS-FM’s transmitter is located on San Miguel Mountain in southwestern San Diego County.

What does kpbs stand for?


San Diego, California/ Tijuana, Baja California United States/Mexico
Former affiliations NET (1967–1970)
Call sign meaning Public Broadcasting Service
Technical information
Licensing authority FCC

Is there a classical music radio station in San Diego?

Classical San Diego, KPBS-HD2 89.5 FM, San Diego, CA | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Can you live stream PBS for free?

—PBS has announced that viewers are now able to live stream their local PBS stations for free over internet connected devices. As of now, 85 stations can be live streamed, with more expected to become available in the future.

Does Hulu have KPBS?

KPBS is a PBS local network affiliate in San Diego, CA….San Diego, CA – Affiliates.

San Diego, CA PBS
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What is member KPBS?

Members who give $60+ annually (or $5+ per month) can unlock full seasons and early binge-watching access to buzzworthy new shows with our digital membership benefit: KPBS Passport. Where you can stream your PBS favorites anytime, anywhere with the PBS Video App. Become a member now!

What does the K in KPBS stand for?

Acronym. Definition. KPBS. Konza Prairie Biological Station (Kansas) Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

How do I contact KPBS?

Call us: 619-594-6983 KPBS values your feedback. Our toll-free Audience & Member Services number is (888) 399-5727.

What is the difference between PBS and KPBS?

KPBS (channel 15) is a PBS member television station in San Diego, California, United States. Owned by San Diego State University as part of KPBS Public Media, it is a sister station to NPR member KPBS-FM (89.5).

How is KPBS funded?

Finances. While the majority of funding for PBS is from donations and contributions, upwards of 15 percent of its money comes from the federal government—roughly .

Where is Classic FM on the radio?

You can select ‘Classic FM’ on DAB digital radio, or listen via 100-102 FM.

How do I stream PBS live?

On iOS & Android, enjoy the latest from PBS from your mobile phone or tablet. You can now easily stream PBS programs by simply downloading the free PBS App.

Does the PBS app cost money?

Is PBS Passport free?

PBS Passport serves as a valuable benefit for sustainers – and one with a lower point of entry at an enticing sustainer rate of $5 per month or $60 annually. As an automatic monthly withdrawal from the donor’s account, PBS Passport appeals to donors familiar with monthly services.

What is the difference between PBS and kpbs?

How do I cancel my kpbs membership?

Because memberships are retained at a local level, you must email or call your local station in order to cancel your membership. Most stations have a way to update your information or contact them at their website, so we suggest looking at your local station’s website for more information.

Who owns KPBS radio?

This radio station is owned by San Diego State University and is affiliated with NPR, American Public Media and PRI. Show more KPBS was established in 1960 by San Diego State College and was initially known as KBES.

What is KPBS San Diego?

KPBS is San Diego’s premiere source for local news and local events Twitter: @KPBSnews Language: English Contact: KPBS TV/FM 5200 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA 92182 (619) 594-1515

What is KPBS-FM?

KPBS is San Diego’s premiere source for local news and local events Search Home Local Radio Recents Trending Music Sports News & Talk Podcasts By Location By Language Sign In Sign Up KPBS-FM

What is the radio station in San Diego CA?

KPBS-FM is a U.S. non-commercial public radio station. It serves San Diego, California and positions itself as the premier source for local news and events for this region. This radio station is owned by San Diego State University and is affiliated with NPR, American Public Media and PRI.