Is Bulgarian air safe?

Is Bulgarian air safe?

The Bulgarian national carrier earned 7 stars, which is the maximum safety rating in the annual ranking of airline safety, according to In 2015, the world’s airlines have transported 3.6 billion passengers in a total of 34 million flights.

How many planes does Bulgaria Air have?

17 aircrafts
The fleet of Bulgaria Air consists of 17 aircrafts, specifically: 3 Airbus A319, 3 Airbus A320-214, 1 Avro RJ70, 3 BAe 146-200, 3 BAe 146-300, and 3 Boeing 737-300.

Is Wizz Air Bulgarian?

In 2011 Wizz Air Bulgaria merged with its parent for operational reasons. All flights are now operated by Wizz Air Hungary.

What alliance is Bulgaria Air?

Flights to Bulgaria with Star Alliance Airlines | Star Alliance.

Where can I get a PCR test in Bulgaria?

PCR testing is widely available at sites across the country, including hospitals and private laboratories. Currently 100 hospitals and laboratories in Bulgaria are officially accredited by the Ministry of Health. A full list is published in Health Order № РД-01-774/16.09.

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What planes do Bulgaria Air Use?

Airbus А319. Number of seats: Business class: 8. Economy class: 132. Max flight speed: 871 km/h. Max flight altitude: 12000 m images.

  • Airbus A320. Number of seats: Business class: 8. Economy class: 156/180. Max flight speed: 858 km/h.
  • Embraer – 190. Number of seats: Business class: 8. Economy class: 100. Max flight speed: 870 km/h.
  • What airlines fly to Bulgaria from London?

    Which airlines fly from London to Bulgaria? Ryanair flies most frequently to Sofia from London. In general, Ryanair UK, easyJet and Wizz Air fly the most to Bulgaria.

    How many airports are there in Bulgaria?

    Currently Bulgaria has 5 international airports located in the different areas of the country, here you can see which airport is the most suitable in relation to your holiday destination.

    Can I do a PCR test at Sofia Airport?

    COVID test at Sofia Airport GENICA offers coronavirus tests at Sofia Airport (SOF). The COVID test center offers RT-PCR test and Antigen test.

    Do I need a PCR test to travel to UK?

    From 4am, Tuesday 7 December all people aged 12 years and over must also take a PCR or LFD COVID-19 test before they travel to England from abroad. People who qualify as fully vaccinated must quarantine and take a PCR test before the end of day 2 after they arrive in England. Lateral flow tests will not be accepted.

    Is Josh Cahill married?

    Josh Cahill (born 17 June 1986) is a German-Czech aviation vlogger and airline critic who is best known for presenting airline reviews on his YouTube channel….

    Josh Cahill
    Occupation Airline Critic, Aviation Vlogger
    Years active 2005–present
    Partner(s) Seraphina Yong (2019-2020)

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    Noel Philips was born in 1980 and grew up in the East Midlands of the UK. He currently lives in Derbyshire with his wife Rachel, two children and Suzi the dog.

    Can I fly from London to Bulgaria?

    There are several airlines offering direct flights from London to Bulgaria arriving at the capital Sofia. Ryanair has non-stop departures from London Stansted Airport (STN) while WIZZ Air has direct service from London Luton Airport (LTN).

    How long is the flight to Bulgaria from UK?

    3 hours and 5 minutes
    How long is the flight from United Kingdom to Bulgaria? The average flight time between United Kingdom and Sofia (Bulgaria’s capital), is 3 hours and 5 minutes.

    What airport do you fly to for Sunny Beach Bulgaria?

    Bourgas Airport
    You’ll land at Bourgas Airport, which is a 30-minute drive from Sunny Beach’s waterfront. On average, flight times top out at around four hours.

    What does Bulgaria Air mean?

    Bulgaria Air ( Bulgarian: България Ер) is the flag carrier airline of Bulgaria, with its headquarters at Sofia Airport in Sofia. The company is owned by Chimimport AD and is a leader in terms of local market share. The airline operates short and medium haul aircraft to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia.

    Where can I book Bulgaria Air flights to Bulgaria?

    At Expedia, we have great deals on Bulgaria Air flights to a wide range of destinations, along with a choice of tickets, baggage allowance and optional in-flight extras. Book to fly with Bulgaria Air and pack for a great trip, whether you’re going one-way, return or on a multi-city hop.

    Which airlines fly from Milan airport to Bulgaria?

    Bulgaria Air with weekly Sunday flights from and to Milan Linate Airport from 10th December. The national airline will be flying from and to Milan-Malpensa Airport on Fridays, while every Sunday Bulgaria Air’s flights will be landing and departing from Milan Linate Airport.

    Does Bulgaria Air have a business class?

    Bulgaria Air also has codeshare agreements with 10 airlines and flies charters to about 80 destinations. Its fleet has a variety of one-cabin (Economy Class) and two-cabin (Business Class and Economy Class) configurations.