What is the 7th Pay Commission?

What is the 7th Pay Commission?

A Pay Commission is set up by the Government of India and it recommends the changes in the salary structure of central government employees. The 7th Pay Commission was to be implemented in January 2016.

What is the salary of CRPF employees under the 7th Pay Commission?

However, under the 7th pay Commission, Commercial Clerks will get Rs.9,300 per month, Commercial Superintendents will get Rs.9,300 to Rs.34,800 per month and Senior Commercial Clerks would get anywhere between Rs.5,200 to Rs.20,200 per month. The 7th Pay Commission has increased the pay scale of CRPF employees.

What is the Pay Commission?

The Pay Commission is a government of India administrative system/mechanism established in 1956 to determine the salaries of government employees. Since the establishment of the First Pay Commission in 1956, every decade has seen the birth of a commission that determines the wages of government employees for a specific time period.

Will the 7th Pay Commission increase the number of leaves for CISF?

The 7th Pay Commission may increase the number for leaves for CISF. Under the 7th Pay Commission, revisions has been made for employees working in the Indian Railways. As per the 6th pay commission, the pay scale for Commercial Clerks was Rs.6,500 per month and the pay scale for Commercial Superintendents was Rs. 6,500 to Rs.10,500 per month.

Will there be an increase in dearness allowance from 7th Pay Commission?

After the Union Budget presented on 5 July 2019, central government employees are waiting for an update from the 7th Pay Commission that is generally made every 6 months. This news is related to an increase in their Dearness Allowance (DA).

What is 7th Pay Commission da and Dr hike for pensioners?

7th Pay Commission DA, DR Hike For Central Government Employees, Pensioners: With this, the new DA rate will be 28 per cent, up from 17 per cent. 7th Pay Commission Latest News Today: PENSIONERS ALERT! Modi Govt makes BIG announcement for ease of living of pensioners