Can Deadpool kill the Marvel Universe?

Can Deadpool kill the Marvel Universe?

This is actually a rumor. Deadpool didn’t kill the entire Marvel Universe any more than Superman turned evil, or Batman killed Joker. The storyline where Deadpool infamously killed the Marvel Universe occurred outside of main comics canon.

How did Deadpool kill Thor in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe?

Deadpool fights Cage and reveals that he planted some shrunken bombs inside Luke’s coffee, so he can blow them up inside him, bypassing his unbreakable skin. As for Thor, he managed to spark some Pym Particles on Mjolnir making it grow in size when it was flying towards Thor, crushing him to his death.

How many issues of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe?

There are 4 issues in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

Can Thor kill Deadpool?

While Thor’s powers regressed a little bit in Avengers: Infinity War, he’s still immensely powerful. He is somewhat the same in the comics, so if Deadpool ever faced Thor, the god of thunder would have the winning edge.

Can Wanda kill Deadpool?

Much like Hela, Scarlet Witch would simply overpower him. It wouldn’t be anything close to a fair fight.

Can Deadpool kill Spider-Man?

Telling him he’s right, Deadpool put a gun under Spider-Man’s chin and fired, blowing off the left side of Spider-Man’s head and killing him in the process.

Can Scarlet Witch beat Deadpool?

Can Black Panther beat Deadpool?

Black Panther proved he was smart enough to defeat Deadpool’s superhuman healing. Deadpool responds by proving that if he were ALSO to put on one of the hi-tech, vibranium-powered Black Panther suits made by T’Challa’s sister Shuri, the king wouldn’t be able to talk so big a game.

Can Deadpool defeat Spider-Man?

“Spider-Man would beat Deadpool. Easily. Because Deadpool loves Spider-Man, and therefore could never bring himself truly to hurt Spider-Man. Spider-Man would take Deadpool down, but still visit him both in the hospital and later in prison.

Who can kill Wanda?

Black Bolt could practically level an entire planet with one scream, so it would interesting to see how Wanda would handle such a powerful force coming her way. It is easy to think Wanda’s abilities would find a way, but there is always the chance that Black Bolt could overwhelm her enough to destroy her in a fight.

Can Deadpool beat Venom?

Moon Knight realized that Deadpool killed Brock to take back the Venom Symbiote in his effort to kill Spider-Man. Also, he concludes that Deadpool defeated Venom by setting up his apartment with air horns to weaken the symbiote’s bond.

Does Avengers ever meet Deadpool?

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