Is head a good squash racket?

Is head a good squash racket?

HEAD is one of the leading squash racket brands. We stock a great range of HEAD squash rackets to suit all budgets including the HEAD IG Extreme 125 and the HEAD Microgel 110 Stealth, two of our bestselling squash rackets ever which are ideal for all levels. These rackets are both now exclusive to PDH Sports.

What is the lightest squash racket?

Karakal SN-90ff
The Karakal SN-90ff is the Worlds lightest squash racket. To keep the weight of this racket down the design is kept very simple, with minimal decals and no paintwork.

What racket do you use for squash?

Top Squash Rackets Overview

Squash Racket Frame Weight (grams) Balance
Head Graphene 360 Speed 135 135 Head Light
Harrow Vapor 125 Head Heavy
Tecnifibre Carboflex Airshaft 125 NS 125 Even
Karakal SN-90 FF 90 Head Heavy

What is the most powerful squash racket?

Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation 125 “Part of Dunlop’s hugely successful Sonic Core POWER series, this is one of the most powerful rackets you can buy right now!”

Are lighter squash racket better?

A lighter racket, about 110 to 125 grams, is more manoeuvrable and so can be moved faster making it better for attacking play. By contrast heavier framed rackets, starting from 140 grams, are at their best when used by a player with a slower racket swing who perhaps favours a more defensive traditional style of squash.

Which head squash racket is best?

The Best Squash Racquets In India That’ll Help You ‘Squash’ The Competition

  • Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 S Squash Racquet.
  • Dunlop Hyper Revelation Squash Racquet.
  • Prince Textreme Pro Sovereign 650 Squash Racquet.
  • HEAD Nano Ti Tornado Squash Racquet.
  • HEAD Intelligence 1×120 Squash Racquet.
  • Cosco LST 125 Aluminium Squash Racquet.

What is a good weight for a squash racket?

The optimum weight range is usually seen as spanning 110 to 150 grams. 125 to 135 grams is the most common weight used by squash players.

Are Titanium squash rackets good?

Thanks to the teardrop-shaped blade the Titanium 3.0 is very forgiving and makes it possible to control the ball even if you hit it close to the frame. The racket is very streamlined and due to the clearly head light balance, very easy to maneuver.

How heavy should my squash racket be?

135 grams to 170 grams
Squash racquets range in weight from 135 grams to 170 grams. The appropriate weight of the racquet typically depends on personal preference, however there are advantages to both a lighter racquet and a heavier racquet.