How far is the Rosewood Mayakoba from airport?

How far is the Rosewood Mayakoba from airport?

Cancun International Airport is 28 miles away by car. Rosewood Mayakoba offers private chauffeured transfers in luxury SUV’s with meet-and-greet service outside of the airport terminal.

Can you swim in the lagoon at Rosewood Mayakoba?

We do not permit swimming in the lagoons. Rosewood Mayakoba’s lagoons and mangroves make up a very delicate ecosystem that is abundant with a variety of wildlife.

Is Rosewood Mayakoba adults only?

To answer your question, no, Rosewood Mayakoba is not adults-only, however we understand the importance of a romantic getaway and have some stellar features which cater to those travelers looking for a bit more privacy in addition to those for families: 1.

Where is the Mayakoba located?

Playa del Carmen
Mayakoba is a 500+ acre development about 35 minutes south of Cancun in the city of Playa del Carmen.

How much is a taxi from Cancun airport to Rosewood Mayakoba?

Transportation, Taxi & Shuttle from Cancun Airport to Rosewood Mayakoba – Transfers Rates and Info.

Departing From Cancun International Airport (CUN)
Average Duration 46 min approx
Prices From 45 USD
Destination Rosewood Mayakoba
Distance 34.42 mi mi

How much is a taxi from Cancun airport to Mayakoba?

$500 – $650
The fastest way to get from Cancun Airport (CUN) to Fairmont Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen is to taxi. Taking this option will cost $500 – $650 and takes 45 min.

Are there alligators in Mayakoba Mexico?

Dear Tamar L, Rosewood Mayakoba is inside a private 1600 eco-conscious resort development with 6 miles of lagoons and mangroves. We have over 300 species of wildlife in our protected mangroves including alligators, spider monkeys, racoons, coati and amazing different species of birds.

Can you drink the water at Rosewood Mayakoba?

With regards to your question concerning the safety of the water at the resort, I would like to reassure you that the water at the resort undergoes a rigorous filtration process. Thus, the water within the guests accommodations is completely safe for drinking and for using to brush one’s teeth.

Is Mayakoba a city in Mexico?

Ciudad Mayakoba, The City of your Dreams It is time to enjoy a new way of life in an inclusive, ecological and sustainable community; In a city of modern ambiance, with all the services, in harmony with nature and inside an innovative urban development model in México: Ciudad Mayakoba, Riviera Maya.

Who owns Mayakoba?

RLH Properties
The visionary behind Mayakoba is RLH Properties, a company that has long appreciated and preserved the deep respect for the environment and appreciation of the Mayan culture throughout the resort destination—a vision that has been carried out in each experience and detail of the master-planned community.

How much is Uber from Cancun to Playa del Carmen?

Uber in 2019 has started operating again in the Cancun area, and getting from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen will cost you around 400 MXN (approximately 17 USD) with UberX. This is an approximate calculation, it could be less or more depending on traffic, etc.

Do they have Uber in Playa del Carmen?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no, there is no Uber in Playa del Carmen. But don’t worry — I got you — because this article is going to go over all the alternatives you have since you won’t be able to use Playa del Carmen Uber in Mexico.

What resort in Mexico has monkeys?

At Both Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar, guests can enjoy the sight of spider monkeys swinging along with the trees.

What animals are on the Mayakoba Golf Course?

Around the resort, there are 20 species of fish, 68 types of reptile, 49 species of mammals, 14 kinds of amphibians and 178 species of birds!

Is Mayakoba private?

Luxurious Riviera Maya Residences Rosewood Mayakoba offers exclusive, ultra-luxurious private residences located within a lush 620-acre enclave.

What is the beach like at Rosewood Mayakoba?

Beautiful beach, six pools, spa, gym, golf course, kids’ club, and event space. Rosewood Mayakoba is set along a beautiful white-sand beach dotted with padded loungers and umbrellas. Water-sports gear such as sea kayaks, Hobie Cats, and surf boards are available for guest use.

Are there crocodiles in Mayakoba?

Mayakoba is filled with beautiful flora and fauna, which naturally balances the environment that makes this piece of paradise. One of its permanent residents is the crocodile, which feeds of fish that live in the canals amongst other smaller animals.

Is Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico?

Rosewood Mayakoba is situated on the Riviera Maya. This luxury resort in Mexico offers spacious suites and is located south of Cancun and north of the charming seaside village of Playa del Carmen. … Surrounded by the emerald embrace of the jungle and caressed by warm Carribbean breezes, is a resort of rare luxury and indulgence.

Does Rosewood Mayakoba offer airport transportation for guests?

Yes, Rosewood Mayakoba offers airport transportation for guests. We recommend calling ahead to confirm details. Learn more. Are any cleaning services offered at Rosewood Mayakoba? Yes, dry cleaning and laundry service are offered to guests.

Where can I eat at Rosewood Mayakoba?

Learn more. What are some restaurants close to Rosewood Mayakoba? Conveniently located restaurants include Saffron, Punta Bonita at Rosewood Mayakoba, and La Laguna. See all nearby restaurants. Are there opportunities to exercise at Rosewood Mayakoba?