Why is my model not lightmapped in UdK?

Why is my model not lightmapped in UdK?

By default imported models are lightmapped in UDK. What your model may be lacking is a second UV channel. You need to create a second channel that will is used for lightmaps. These UVs must be unique laid out, specifically for the use of the lightmap. Check to see how many UV Channels you have in Static Mesh Editor. You need to have 2.

How to match UV layout grid in Maya to match Lightmap resolution?

In order to match UV layout grid in Maya to match lightmap resolution in UDK do the following. 1. Check the resolution of your mesh in UDK. You can do this by opening up Content Browser, double click on your mesh and look at Lightmap Resolution value. 2.

How to generate unique Uvs for lightmap in UdK?

You can generate unique UVs for lightmap in UDK, but better option is to create a second UV channel in a 3d app. If you open Content Browser window and double click on any static mesh, you will see Static Mesh Editor pop up. In here you can check how many UV Channels a static mesh has.

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How to check build logs from terminal?

For example by dragging & dropping the log folder into newly opened Terminal window, and run: then run the build again and check the reported logs. Hit Control – C on Terminal when finished.

Do build errors appear in the command line output?

Then, build errors will appear in the command line output. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research!

How do I see the error details in the console stdout?

cd into the project path, and hit msbuild on it. You will then see the error details in the console STDOUT. Show activity on this post. I had the same problem after upgrading Xamarin, and in my case it happened even for a x86/desktop Console Application.