Who is Carlos from BTR married to?

Who is Carlos from BTR married to?

Alexa PenaVegaCarlos PenaVega / Spouse (m. 2014)Alexa Ellesse PenaVega is an American actress and singer. She is known for her roles as Carmen Cortez in the Spy Kids film series and Julie Corky in the 2004 film Sleepover. In 2009, she starred as the title character Ruby Gallagher in the ABC Family series Ruby & the Rockits. Wikipedia

Who is Carlos Alexa PenaVega?

Alexa PenaVega had sworn off dating actors and musicians before meeting her now-husband Carlos PenaVega — who happens to be both. The Spy Kids alum, 33, and the Big Time Rush star, 32, met at a Los Angeles bible study after Alexa split from Sean Covel.

How old is Alexa Vega?

33 years (August 27, 1988)Alexa PenaVega / Age

How old is Carlos PenaVega?

32 years (August 15, 1989)Carlos PenaVega / Age

Who did Kendall from BTR marry?

Katelyn Tarver Now She’s also dropped two albums over the years, and we can’t stop listening to them! The actress married her longtime boyfriend David Blaise in 2014, and the BTR cast was all there to celebrate the glorious occasion.

Who plays Carmen Cortez?

Alexa Vega
Carmen Cortez

Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Echo Sky Brava Cortez.
Last appearance Spy Kids: Mission Critical (2018)
Created by Robert Rodriguez
Portrayed by Alexa Vega Addisyn Fair (Infant; first film)
Voiced by Ashley Bornancin

What is Carlos PenaVega’s real name?

Carlos Roberto Pena Jr.
Carlos Roberto PenaVega was born Carlos Roberto Pena Jr. on August 15, 1989 in Columbia, Missouri and raised in Weston, Florida to Margarita Pena (née Serano) & Carlos Roberto Pena. He attended Sagemont Upper School.

How Old Is Carmen Cortez?

In a deleted scene of Spy Kids 2, “Grandpa Lays Down the Law”, Ingrid states that she and Gregorio have been married for 12 years, likely putting Carmen’s age at 12 in the second movie. However, since the scene was cut, its canonicity is up for debate. In the Adventures books, their ages are said to be 12 and 10.

Who plays Kylie on Nashville?

Alexa PenaVega
She is portrayed by Alexa PenaVega.

How did Carlos and Alexa meet?

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega met in a Bible study group It was all the way back in 2012 when Carlos and Alexa PenaVega laid eyes on each other for the very first time. That year, a friend of Alexa’s had invited her to join the Bible study group he would host each week at his house.

Where do Carlos and Alexa live?

For anyone wishing they’d been spending these last few months quarantined on a sunny beach, Alexa and Carlos PenaVega have been living that dream. The former child star, 32, and the actor-singer, 31, relocated from Los Angeles to Maui in 2017 in hopes of finding a sense of community and serenity.

What is James Maslow’s real name?

James David MaslowJames Maslow / Full name

What state does James Maslow live?

Maslow, who now lives in Venice, will be coming back to San Diego this weekend to participate in the Nissan Super Girl Surf Pro, the largest women’s surf competition in the world.

Who played Juni Cortez?

Carter HastingsJuni Cortez / Voiced by

Is Carlos from BTR Mexican?

He was born in Columbia Missouri on August 15 1989 but raised in Weston Florida. His mother is from the Dominican Republic and his father is Spanish and Venezuelan. He attended Sagemont Upper School.

Who is Big Time Rush manager in real life?

Bret Disend, who manages the boy band Big Time Rush, has bought a condo in Beverly Hills for $844,000.

How old is Juni Cortez now 2021?

How old is Juni Cortez now? In 2021, Daryl Sabara (who played Juni Cortez) is 29 years old. His wife, Meghan Trainor, is 27 years old. She was born on December 22nd, 1993.

Who is Carmen brother?

Juni Cortez

Carmen Cortez
Brothers: Juni Cortez (younger brother)
Grandparents: Valentin Avellan (maternal grandfather) Helga Avellan (maternal grandmother) Juanita Cortez (paternal grandmother) Unnamed paternal grandfather †
Aunts: Marissa Wilson (paternal aunt)
Cousins: Rebecca Wilson (step-cousin) Cecil Wilson (step-cousin)

Who are the producers of Sin Nombre?

Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal were executive producers on the Spanish-language film. Sin nombre won awards for directing and cinematography at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival . Willy, nicknamed El Casper, is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha gang and lives in Tapachula, a Mexican town near the border with Guatemala.

What does Sin Nombre mean in English?

Sin nombre (English: “Nameless”) is a 2009 Mexican-American adventure thriller film written and directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, about a Honduran girl trying to immigrate to the United States, and a boy caught up in the violence of gang life. Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal were executive producers on the Spanish-language film.

What is the greatest sin of all?

The greatest sin of all is risking nothing. Cary Fukunaga spent two years researching the film, spending time with people on the trains and with gangsters in Central America. He also used two gang members to script edit making the slang and language as up to date and realistic as possible.