Who is Agent ukulele?

Who is Agent ukulele?

Agent Ukulele is the codename of an operative formerly employed by the Global Occult Coalition. He specialized in the neutralization of reality bending entities, and practitioners of thaumaturgy. Recovered documents report that POI-GC241 was involved in the successful neutralization of 41 anomalies at the GOC.

What is Dr Alto Clef real name?

Originally known as Francis Wojciechoski, as a child, he befriended a young goddess by the name of Lilly. However by their teenage years Lilly became much more abusive towards Francis, with, at one point, Lilly sexually assaulting Francis.

Does Dr clef have three eyes?

Clef’s personnel file describes him as having one green eye, one blue eye and one hazel eye, implying that he has three. It’s also said that his pupils absorb all light that fall upon them. He’s commonly depicted has having unusually sharp teeth.

Is SCP 001 an angel?

Character Synopsis. SCP-001 is a humanoid entity, approximately seven hundred (700) cubits in height, located in an undisclosed location near the intersection of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

WHO IS DR Kondraki?

Dr. Benjamin Kondraki was a gruff and anti-social researcher of the SCP Foundation, lead of research of Site 17, and a major supporter of the weaponization of anomalous objects.

WHO IS DR iceberg SCP?

Dr. █████ ████ (died 1 August 1997), better known by his nickname “Iceberg”, was a scientist who was recruited by the SCP Foundation’s Scientific Department after an incident occurring at an American military base. He became the assistant and protégé of Dr.

Why is Dr Bright an SCP?

Dr. Bright died as a result of a containment breach of SCP-076-2, but his consciousness was attached to SCP-963 in the process. He has since been instrumental in work with several SCPs, and assisted in the refinement of many more.

What does SCP 005 look like?

Description. In apperance, SCP-005 resembles an ornate key, displaying the caracteristics of a typical mass produced key used in the 1920s. The key was discovered when a civilian used it to infiltrate a high security facilty.

What SCP is the child?

SCP-040, known under the alias “Evolution’s Child” is an anomalous human SCP contained within the SCP Foundation.

What happened to Kondraki?

Due to repeated abuse of power, Dr Kondraki was stripped of his administrative powers within seven months of receiving them, and following the stalking of another user, was banned from all interactions on the SCP Wiki in November.

How old is Dr Kondraki SCP?

Joining the Foundation at 35 years of age, Kondraki slowly worked his way up the ranks of the organization, his expertise in cameras as well as his help in the containment of SCP-408 being major reasons as to why he gained level 3 clearance.

Is Dr Bright an 05?

Dr. Bright is not O5-█-J. No such position exists at this time.

What SCP is a necklace?

Description: SCP-533 is a necklace, usually approximately 54 centimeters in length and 3 cm in width.

Is Dr bright O5?

Dr. Bright is, presumably, an O5 personnel that is currently trapped in the body of a monkey. Dr. Bright is immortal after an incident with SCP 963.