Which is better 300 win vs 300 WSM?

Which is better 300 win vs 300 WSM?

Truly, choosing between the 300 Winchester magnums comes down to the length and weight of rifle you prefer. If you like short, quick actions, go with the WSM. If the 30-06-length standard action works for you, stick with the old 300 Win.

Is 300 Win Mag too big for elk?

300 Win Mag ammo for elk, bear, and moose hunting. The 165 grain load will also work for larger game like elk, but it’s perfect for bigger deer and bear. That high velocity 150 grain load is great .

Is a 300 short mag good for elk?

Many people use the flat shooting and hard hitting 300 WSM for hunting elk, deer and many other species of big game with excellent results.

Is a 270 WSM good for elk hunting?

270 win, 130 grain Accubonds from 50-350 yards have produced impressive results for me. Out of the wsm 140 grain Accubond should be a great bullet for elk.

Is a 270 WSM good for moose?

130 to 150 grain bullets out of a 270 short mag is great moose medicine.

Is 300 WSM good for long range?

As a long range hunting cartridge, the . 300 WSM loaded with A-Max projectiles is capable of producing wide wounding out to 1000 yards.

What is the best 270 round for elk?

Best 270 Winchester ammo for Elk

  • Nosler Trophy Grade Ammo 270 Winchester 130 Grain Partition Box of 20.
  • Hornady 8052 Superformance 270 Win 130 Gr GMX 20 Round Box | Green Acres Sporting Goods.
  • Federal P270P Premium 270 Win 130 Gr Nosler Partition (NP) 20 Round Box | Green Acres Sporting Goods.

What is a 270 WSM good for?

270 WSM are considered strong large game calibers. They are both typically used with bullets in the 130-150 grain range. However, the extra energy offered by the . 270 WSM does make it a better choice for largest game like bear and elk.

Is 270 too light for elk?

Absolutely. The 270 is a great round that kills many animals every year.

Is a 270 WSM worth it?

270 Winchester and WSM are both good, flat-shooting hunting cartridges, neither make a sound choice for today’s long-range shooting. Tighten that twist up to 1:8″ or 1:8.5″, and you’d certainly be able to push the 170-grain bullets, like the Berger Extreme Outer Limits line, with the truly high B.C. values.

Is the 270 WSM accurate?

The . 270 WSM is a very accurate round, has a thick tough casing, modern Ackley type 35 degree shoulder, 130 and 140 grainer’s fly like a Lazer beam. My 140 gr load drops 33 inches at 500 Yards with, a 200 yd zero and is producing 1.25 inch, 200 yard groups for me. The Tikka replaces, 2 heavier rifles, a Custom .

What is the best 270 bullet for elk?

What is the difference between a 270 and a 300 Win Mag?

The most obvious difference is bullet size. Aside from specialty loads, the .270 is available in 130 and 150 grain bullet weights. The 300 Win Mag also has adherents with special loaded cartridges, but the standard is 180 or 200 grains.

Which 300 Win Mag for moose hunting?

The .300 Win Mag, (as the Winchester Magnum is abbreviated) has a large following as well, especially with larger species such as massive bull moose and nearly as large bull elk. The question is, which one will work best in your setting? Hornady does elaborate ballistic testing on every caliber of cartridge on the market, from tiny to massive.

What is the best magnum rifle for hunting?

The .300 Win Mag is the most popular .30 caliber magnum with North American hunters. It’s flat trajectory over 200 yards, and its ability to deliver a whopping 3500 foot pounds of energy at 100 yards makes it a favorite when taking down big game, or shooting through walls, vehicles or light armor in police or military situations.