Where is ABC Radio Brisbane?

Where is ABC Radio Brisbane?

Contact ABC Radio Brisbane

Postal address 114 Grey Street South Brisbane 4101
Telephone: reception +61 7 3377 5222
Telephone: studio +61 1300 222 612
Telephone: studio sms +61 4 6792 2612
Official website abc.net.au

What frequency is ABC local radio?

Appendix 12 – Radio transmission frequencies

ABC Radio
State Area Served Frequency
NSW Walcha 88.5
NSW Walgett 105.9
NSW Wilcannia 1584

How do I text ABC Radio Brisbane?

ABC Brisbane 612

  1. Talkback number: 1300 222 612.
  2. Text line: 0467 922 612.
  3. Twitter: @abcbrisbane.
  4. Listen online.

What number is ABC Radio Qld?

612 kHz AM
ABC Radio Brisbane (callsign: 4QR) is an ABC Local Radio station in Brisbane, Queensland….ABC Radio Brisbane.

Brisbane, Queensland
Broadcast area Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Heads
Frequency 612 kHz AM (also on DAB+)
Branding ABC Radio Brisbane

Who is Loretta Ryan?

She was a journalist and presenter on Channel Nine’s former afternoon news and lifestyle program BRISBANE EXTRA. Her other television credits include hosting television entertainment program FMV TV, where she interviewed local and international celebrities.

Where is Spencer Howson now?

After an absence of 26 years, he returned to the 4RPH board in February 2019 and currently holds the position of President. Howson joined ABC Local Radio in the Queensland city of Rockhampton in 1993 and stayed until 1995.

How do I listen to ABC radio National?


  1. Online or On Air.
  2. on the ABC listen app.
  3. via DAB+ Digital Radio.
  4. on channel 26 on your TV.
  5. ask your smart speaker to “play ABC Radio National”

What is the text number for ABC radio?

Contact ABC Radio Sydney

Postal address 700 Harris Street Sydney 2007
Telephone: studio +61 1300 222 702
Telephone: studio sms +61 4 6792 2702
Official website abc.net.au
other radio.net/s/2bl

How do I send a message to ABC?

You can reach us via email at [email protected] or by phone at (212) 456-2828 with the understanding that the information you provide might be used in our broadcasts or other stories.

What frequency is ABC Radio Sunshine Coast?

90.3 MHz FM
ABC Sunshine Coast is an ABC Local Radio station based in Maroochydore. The station broadcasts to the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland….ABC Sunshine Coast.

Broadcast area Sunshine Coast and Gympie
Frequency 90.3 MHz FM Sunshine Coast 95.3 MHz FM Gympie
Format Talk

Where is Craig Zonca?

He is currently a breakfast presenter on ABC Radio Brisbane and a weather presenter on ABC Television. After presenting the Queensland edition of The Country Hour for several years, Zonca was announced as ABC Radio Brisbane’s new breakfast presenter to replace long-serving host Spencer Howson in late 2016.

What does 4bc stand for?


Brisbane, Queensland
First air date 16 August 1930
Call sign meaning 4 = Queensland Brisbane Chandlers or JB Chandler (original licensee)
Technical information
Power 5 kW

What frequency is ABC Radio National in Sydney?

702 kHz
ABC Radio Sydney (official call sign: 2BL, formerly 2SB) is an ABC radio station in Sydney, Australia. It is the flagship station in the ABC Local Radio network and broadcasts on 702 kHz on the AM dial.

What is ABC Grandstand SMS number?

0467 920 222
ABC SPORT on Twitter: “You can also SMS on 0467 920 222 #grandstand” / Twitter.

Can I email ABC?

How do I contact ABC network?

(800) 230-0229American Broadcasting Company / Customer service

Is ABC Classic FM on digital radio?

On DAB+ Digital Radio If so, just plug in your digital radio, scan for stations, and select ABC Classic.

What is the ABC Local Radio Queensland?

It is one of the largest stations in the network, serving as a base for Queensland programming – many programs are broadcast across the ABC Local Radio network in regional and rural areas of Queensland when those stations are not carrying local programming.

When did the ABC start a second Brisbane radio station?

The ABC started a second Brisbane station on 7 January 1938, using the callsign 4QR. The new station carried national programming—the forerunner of Radio National —while 4QG aired mainly local content.

What is the oldest radio station in Queensland?

It started broadcasting on January 07, 1938 and the initial name of the station was 4QR. At the moment it’s not only one of the oldest stations in Queensland but also one of the largest ones. Show more ABC FM radio Brisbane (4QR) is a talk radio and it covers national, statewide and local topics.

How do I listen to ABC Radio on my TV?

Listen to your favourite ABC national radio network by scrolling down to the National Networks section, or if searching for a local ABC radio station (capital city or regional) keep scrolling to the location links below. Select an icon to live stream your favourite ABC national radio network, don’t forget to bookmark your selection.