Where do you inject Clexane after C section?

Where do you inject Clexane after C section?

Clexane should be injected just under the skin. Remember: Do not inject yourself within 5 centimetres of your belly button or around existing scars or bruises. Change the place where you inject between the left and right sides of your stomach; depending on the area you were last injected.

Where do you administer Clexane?

Clexane Syringes are usually given by injection underneath the skin (subcutaneous). Clexane Syringes can be given by injection into your vein (intravenous) after certain types of heart attack or operations. Clexane Syringes can be added to the tube leaving the body (arterial line) at the start of a dialysis session.

How is Clexane administered during pregnancy?

Where should I inject Clexane? To give the injection you will need to pinch a mound of skin and push the injection straight in. As your pregnancy progresses you may find it harder to find a mound of skin on your tummy. You can use the tops of your legs as an alternative place to give the injection.

How do you shoot Clexane 40?

Clexane is administered by deep subcutaneous injection. Injection of Clexane should be alternated between the left and right anterolateral abdominal wall using a different site for each injection. Do not expel the air bubble from the syringe before the injection to avoid the loss of drug.

How important is Clexane after C section?

Preventing blood clots after the operation Many but not all women will be prescribed daily blood-thinning injections for a few days or weeks after caesarean delivery. These are sometimes called Clexane injections. The injections are not painkillers but reduce the risk of blood clots.

How long do I need to take Clexane after C section?

In nearly all cases I will prescribe a daily injection of a blood thinning agent such as ‘Clexane” for the days after surgery until discharge from hospital. Those women at even higher risk may need to take Clexane for 6 weeks after surgery.

Why is Clexane given?

Clexane belongs to a group of drugs called anticoagulants. Clexane stops unwanted blood clots from forming and can stop any blood clots that have already formed from growing bigger.

What are the side effects of Clexane?

Side effects of Clexane

  • Pain, bruising or irritation at the injection site after Clexane has been given;
  • Hard inflamed nodules at the injection site;
  • Itchy red rash at the injection site;
  • Bleeding at the injection site;
  • Itchy skin.

Why is Clexane given after C section?

What angle do you give Clexane?

Insert needle at a 45º angle to the skin. You do not need to pull back on the syringe plunger after inserting the needle (aspirate). 4. Give the drug rapidly to reduce pain.

What is Clexane 40 used for?

Clexane 40mg Injection (0.4ml Each) is an anticoagulant used to prevent and treat harmful blood clots. It stops the existing clots from getting any bigger and restricts the formation of any new clot.

How long do you take Clexane after C-section?

What happens if I don’t take Clexane?

If you stop using clexane It is important for you to keep having clexane injections until your doctor decides to stop them. If you just stop, or keep missing doses, without having this advice, you could get a blood clot which can be very dangerous.

Why is Clexane given after C-section?

What is the side effect of Clexane?

Serious side effects include allergic reactions, signs of abnormal bleeding such as prolonged bleeding or bruising easily, nausea, gut pain, or numbness. pharmacist if you would like further information or if you have any concerns or questions about using Clexane. 1.

Does Clexane break clots?

Clexane stops unwanted blood clots from forming and can stop any blood clots that have already formed from growing bigger. Clexane does NOT break down blood clots that have already formed. Clexane acts as a roadblock, interfering with how the process of blood clotting occurs.

How quickly does Clexane injection work?

Response and effectiveness. The average time to peak effects on various clotting factors is: anti-Xa (3 hours), anti-IIa (4 hours), Heptest (2.5 hours). Activity against anti-Xa persists for about 12 hours following a once-daily dose of enoxaparin 40mg.

What are the side effects of Clexane injection?

Why is Clexane given before surgery?

Clexane can be used as “bridging” blood thinning (i.e. can be used to make sure your blood is thin enough to prevent blood thinning prior to the surgery but avoid you having an increased risk of blood clots if your warfarin level is too low).

Do you remove air bubble from Clexane?

Handy tips when using Clexane You may notice an air bubble in the syringe. This is supposed to be there. Do not try to remove it. Inject your Clexane dose at the same time each day.