What Porsche engines suffer from bore scoring?

What Porsche engines suffer from bore scoring?

Porsche models that could be at risk of bore scoring All water cooled 911’s Boxster’s and Caymans from 2004 through to 2006 are at risk of suffering from bore scoring however, it would appear the percentage of engines actually affected is relatively low.

How common is Porsche bore scoring?

While cylinder bore scoring has been an issue on a relatively small percentage of 996 and 997 models, it isn’t a universal problem.

How do you avoid bore score?

Change your engine oil once a year or every 3-5k miles. Have an engine oil analysis performed by SPEEDiagnostix at every engine oil change. Utilize a high-quality boutique type of synthetic engine oil such as Joe Gibbs Driven DT series or Motul 8100 X-Cess.

What causes scoring on cylinder walls?

In general, scoring of the cylinder wall and piston skirt first presents itself as scuffing that then, over time, leads to scoring. There are a number of main reasons for this to occur which include: Poor fit of piston to bore. Wrist pin walking out of pin bore.

What is scoring in engine?

A scoring engine is an executable that has a well-defined input, a well-defined output, and performs a purely mathematical task. That is, the calculation does not depend on the environment in which it is running— it would produce the same result anywhere.

What is a 997.2 Porsche?

Porsche 997.2 Carrera 2 S: A Brief The 997 generation Porsches saw a run from 2004 to 2012. In that, the production run was split between the 997.1 (2004-2008) and 997.2 generation (2009-2012) 911s. Firstly, the 997 brought back the original round headlights instead of the disfigured ones found in the 996.

Can you reuse a scored piston?

There is no problem with a scored piston. Use a not too fine file to clean it up, and use the rings as a tool to clean up the ring grooves.

What causes a scored piston?

Scoring usually occurs when one or more piston rings fail and the minor level of movement is allowed between the piston and valve wall. Whereas scuffing is hard to see and easily missed, scoring is easily visible and may even include discoloration. Left unchecked, scoring eventually culminates in a seized piston.

Will Porsche 997 go up in value?

Like many modern, second-hand 911s, prices of the 997 base models have been falling ever since they left an OPC forecourt. However, the depreciation on both Gen1 and Gen2 variants is slowing up, so we went to two 911 specialists to find out how low 997 Carrera prices are expected to go.

Is the 997 a future classic?

The Porsche 997 has been the first of the modern 911s, which took its design inspiration from the classic 911 again. With the oval shaped headlights, it is already considered as a future classic.

Can you fix scored cylinder wall?

as far as the cylinder wall is concerned, you have a few options in my opinion. i would first try and hone the cylinder yourself with a ball hone. see if it takes the roughness out and smooths over any scoring. secondly, you should be able to have the cylinder liner pressed out and have a new one pressed in.

Can I reuse a scored piston?

How much does honing remove?

The amount of Material Removal when Honing(abrasive flow machining) can be controlled to remove as little as . 001” and will depend on target set by customer. The rougher the starting surface finish is, the more material removal will be needed to achieve the best finish possible.”

Is 997 a good investment?

Comparatively rare, especially with the more desirable six-speed manual transmission, the 997 GTS is a car that looks likely to hold its value well. It may not be an investment per se, but this is a car you buy to drive and enjoy, and enjoy it you will.

Is the 997 a supercar?

Porsche’s 997 Turbo Is The Best Bargain Supercar Right Now.

What causes a scored cylinder?

Does the Porsche 997 have bore scoring issues?

There are many articles online and various posts in Porsche forums about bore scoring issues and engine failure! While cylinder bore scoring has been an issue on a relatively small percentage of 996 and 997 models, it isn’t a universal problem. How does bore scoring happen?

Which Porsche engines have cylinder bores?

The Porsche engines we most commonly see with cylinder bore scoring that are sent to us for repair include the 3.6 and 3.8 Porsche 911 996 and 997 engines as well as with the 3.4 engine used in Cayman S and late Boxster S models.

What is bore scoring and how does it affect engines?

Engines operated with scored cylinder bores will suffer multitudes of collateral damages due to this wear debris being suspended in the engine’s oil supply, and being circuilated to all internal components. As the cylinders lose ring seal, due to the bore scoring, harmful fuel contaminates the oil as it bypasses the piston rings.

Should I upgrade my Porsche M96/M97 engine?

If you ever plan on autocrossing or tracking your Porsche, additional upgrades need to be made to address other weaknesses inherent to the M96/M97 engine. These upgrades include: