What is the difference between Qantas and QantasLink?

What is the difference between Qantas and QantasLink?

QantasLink is a regional brand of Australian airline Qantas. Qantas primarily flies between Australia’s capital cities and a handful of key regional airports (for example, Gold Coast, Alice Springs, Launceston, and Cairns).

How many aircraft are in the QantasLink fleet?


Alliance Oneworld (Affiliate)
Fleet size 103
Destinations 54
Parent company Qantas

Is the 717 a good plane?

With around 100-130 seats, the 717 is the perfect size aircraft to take over for regional jets. In fact, Boeing used to market the 717 as the “Full-size airplane for the regional market.” A Delta Connection Bombardier CRJ. AP “The 717 is very much about how do we get out of the regional jets,” Bastian said.

What planes do QantasLink use?

Find out more about our fleet. QantasLink Boeing 717. QantasLink Airbus A320….The Regional Airlines Group currently operate the following aircraft fleet:

  • Airbus A320.
  • Boeing 717.
  • Fokker F100.
  • Bombardier Q400, Q300, and 200 series turbo prop aircraft.

Does QantasLink fly Broken Hill?

Broken Hill is the newest destination to join QantasLink’s extensive regional network, with the airline now operating flights to 57 regional and rural towns across Australia.

What type of plane flies to Lord Howe Island?

QantasLink will fly you to Lord Howe Island on a modern, pressurised Dash-8 Turbo Prop aircraft.

How many A380 does Qatar have?

Qatar Airways presently uses four A380s, as shown below. As you’d expect, they’re the younger aircraft. They’re deployed from Doha to London Heathrow and Paris CDG, both reintroduced in November last year.

Has Boeing 717 ever crashed?

As of June 2018, the Boeing 717 had been involved in five aviation accidents and incidents but with no hull-losses and no fatalities. The major incidents included one on-ground collision while taxiing, an emergency landing where the nose landing gear did not extend, and one attempted hijacking.

Is flying 717 hard?

It is a very challenging feat because there is no alternate that can be used for a landing between the west coast U.S. mainland and Hawaii. The shortest route is San Francisco to Hilo and even that is more than 2,300 statuate miles. It makes delivery flights and maintenance ferrying a challenge.

How many A380s does Emirates have?

Current fleet

Aircraft In service Passengers
Airbus A380-800 120 489

Do you need to be vaccinated to fly Qantas domestic?

Customers will need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination at the airport in the form of a digital or hard copy vaccination certificate. The name on your Vaccination Certificate must always match the name on your booking.

Which is better Lord Howe Island or Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island is more remote and slightly further north than Lord Howe. Despite the difference in latitude, Lord Howe is bathed by warm ocean currents and its summertime sea temperatures, combined with a bevy of pristine beaches and snorkelling spots, make it heaven for water-lovers.

Is Lord Howe Island worth it?

Located less than a two hour flight from Sydney; New South Wales’ little visited Lord Howe Island is a true gem. It is one of only four island groups in the world to be inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list for natural beauty. It is quite possibly the most perfect place in the world.

Will Qatar A380 fly again?

Qatar Airways has already brought four A380s back to the skies from November 2021, with the aircraft now thundering along the premium Doha-London and Doha-Paris routes. This latest move will leave just two of the ten-strong superjumbo fleet in mothballs, and they could still join their siblings.

Will Qatar bring back A380?

A Qatar Airways Airbus A380 took to the skies for the first time in more than 18 months. The airline reluctantly took the decision to welcome the fleet back into operation due to ongoing capacity shortage.

Was the Boeing 717 a failure?

However, McDonnell Douglas had its MD-95 in production, which was set to release just two years later in 1999. Boeing decided to give the aircraft a chance and rebranded the MD-95 as the Boeing 717-200. Following its untimely release, the aircraft failed horribly.

How many seats does QantasLink Boeing 717 have?

12 Business and 98 Economy seats. 125 Economy seats. Configurations can vary from service to service and are subject to change without notice. Find out more about the QantasLink Boeing 717.

How many seats are there on a Boeing 717 200?

Narrow-body aircraft Boeing 717-200 QantasLink has 2 cabin configuration (single economy class, and double economy business class) on board with total of 110/125 seats. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

What airlines fly the QantasLink B717?

These aircraft operated by Cobham Aviation and National Jet Systems. QantasLink B717-200 configured on 2 different cabin setup, its single economy class, and double business and economy class.

Can You stream on Qantas 717s?

As made familiar on the Qantas Boeing 767s, the reconfigured 717s offer the same Q Streaming functionality – though economy class passengers on these birds are given an iPad mini instead of a regular iPad. Regardless, the same content is made available, and although the screen is physically smaller, it’s more than sufficient on such a short flight.