What is Indra in Spain?

What is Indra in Spain?

Indra is the premier Information Technology company in Spain and a leading IT multinational in Europe and Latin America. It is ranked among the three first European companies in its sector according to stock market capitalisation, and it is one of the three Spanish companies with more investment in R&D.

Who is the owner of Indra?

Indra Sistemas

Headquarters in Madrid, Spain
Industry Information technology Consulting Outsourcing
Founded 1993
Headquarters Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain
Key people Marc Murtra (Chairman) Ignacio Mataix and Cristina Ruiz (CEO)

What does Indra company do?

Indra is a world-leader in providing proprietary solutions in Transport, Air Traffic and Defence markets. We promote the transformation of business and society through innovative solutions and services, putting people in the center.

What does Indra look like?

Indra is depicted as a man with four long arms riding a white elephant. Indra is the god of battle. Before each battle, he drinks a vast quantity of soma which makes his belly enormous. The soma is a divine juice.

Is Indra a girl name?

Indra is a given name which occurs independently in Latvia, where it is feminine, and in India and Nepal, where it can be masculine or, less often, feminine.

Who is Indra’s wife?

Indra married Shachi, the daughter of Danava Puloman. Most texts state that Indra had only one wife, though sometimes other names are mentioned. The text Bhagavata Purana mention that Indra and Shachi had three sons Jayanta, Rishabha, Midhusha.

Who cursed Indra?

Sage Gautama
On returning from his bath, Sage Gautama found his found his wife in bed with Indra, a sight that had him maddened with rage. And so, Gautama cursed Lord Indra to be covered with a thousand vaginas all over his body, and Ahalya to be turned to stone.

Why is Indra so evil?

Indra is the most referred deity in the Rigveda. He is celebrated for his powers, and as the one who killed the great evil (a malevolent type of asura) named Vritra, who obstructed human prosperity and happiness….

Slavic equivalent Perun

Who is next Indra?

King Bali is Demon but he will be take position of Indra (King of Heaven) in next Manavantra (8th Manavantara).

Can I name my child Indra?

Indra Origin and Meaning In the ancient Hindu religion, Indra is the warrior god of sky and rain, though in modern America, this might make a better girls’ than boys’ name. You can spell it Indre, like the French river, if you prefer.

Is Indira a Spanish name?

Indira is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian popular feminine given name, which means “beauty” and “splendid”.

Who killed Indra Dev?

Demon of drought
Indra kills the Vritrasura with his Vajra.
Affiliation Asura
Personal information

Who is current Indra?

Indra is not a name of a person, it is the title of the King of Swarga Loka (Heaven). The name of the current Indra is Purandhara. One Indra rules for 1 Manvantara and is replaced by another person in the next Manvantara.

How did Indra look like?

Indra’s iconography shows him wielding a lightning thunderbolt weapon known as Vajra, riding on a white elephant known as Airavata. In Buddhist iconography, the elephant sometimes features three heads, while Jaina icons sometimes show the elephant with five heads.

How was Indra born?

In the Hindu creation myth Indra was born (along with his brother Agni) from the mouth of the primordial god or giant Purusha whose various other body parts gave birth to the other members of the Hindu pantheon.

How popular is the name Indra?

Indra is a ♀ girl’s name and a ♂ boy’s name….Indra.

Hyphenation: In•dra
Number of syllables: 2
Character length: 5
Popularity: 6282

What does the name Indra mean?

possesses rain
Popularity:8010. Meaning:possesses rain. Indra is a boy’s name of Sanskrit origin. This name translates to “possesses rain,” referring to Indra’s origins as an ancient Vedic deity in Hinduism. Along with being the king of Svarga (Heaven) and the gods, he is linked to the sky, lightning, and rain.

Is Indira a good name?

Indira Origin and Meaning The name Indira is girl’s name of Sanskrit origin meaning “beauty”. A striking and feminine possibility associated with a modern hero — longtime Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi.

Is Indra alive?

Both Shiva and Indra are immortal deities. Shiva’s immortality is achieved by tapasya; Kama, god of desire, is sacrificed during tapasya. Indra’s immortality is achieved through yagna performed to satisfy bhoga, the fulfillment of desire.

Who is Indra?

Indra is typically featured as a guardian deity on the east side of a Hindu temple. Indra was a prominent deity in the Vedic era of Hinduism. Over a quarter of the 1,028 hymns of the Rigveda mention Indra, making him the most referred to deity. These hymns present a complex picture of Indra, but some aspects of Indra are oft repeated.

What is Indra in Jainism?

Indra ( / ˈɪndrə /, Sanskrit: इन्द्र) is a Vedic deity in Hinduism, a guardian deity ( Indā, Pālī) in Buddhism, and the king of the highest heaven called Saudharmakalpa in Jainism. Indra, as the Vedic Dyáuṣ Pitṛ́, is the central element of the Pancha Bhoota.

How is Indra described in Rigveda?

In Rigveda, Indra is described as strong willed, armed with a thunderbolt, riding a chariot: 5. Let bullish heaven strengthen you, the bull; as bull you travel with your two bullish fallow bays.

Is Indra a bodhisattva?

Although Indra is often depicted like a bodhisattva in the Far East, typically in Tang dynasty costume, his iconography also includes a martial aspect, wielding a thunderbolt from atop his elephant mount. Many official seals in southeast Asia feature Indra. Above: seal of Bangkok, Thailand.