What is an aperitif?

What is an aperitif?

Known as an aperitif, the before dinner drink prepares the stomach for food and the palate for the delicious tastes it is about to enjoy. They can be served to guests at an elegant dinner party or enjoyed any night of the week at home. Aperitifs come in many flavors and can complement a variety of cuisines.

What is Italicus aperitivi?

A new generation of distillers taking the reins in recent years has resulted in a bevy of exciting aperitivi and liqueurs for modern drinkers to sip, stir and mix. Launched in the U.S. in 2017 at the near-height of the spritz craze, Italicus takes aperitivi in a delicate, delicious direction.

What are the best aperitifs for a cocktail?

The apple, pear, and cinnamon infused vodka is ideal for autumn dinner parties and perfect for a dish like roast turkey with a maple and orange glaze . Continue to 9 of 11 below. Dry sherry and brandy are two aperitifs that often go overlooked. They come together in a fun pear cobbler that is a modern take on a truly great classic cocktail.

The word aperitif comes from a Latin root, meaning “to open,” which is exactly the purpose of the drink: to prepare the stomach for the meal and to open up the palate for tastes to be enjoyed during dinner.

What is the difference between aperitif and digestif?

Both aperitif and digestif are two opposite terms where one is had before the meal and the other is had post-meal. An aperitif is an alcoholic beverage that is used to prepare your palate for the drink or meal.

What are the best aperitifs to drink before a meal?

Some aperitifs that you will love to drink before a meal are Campari, Cynar, Aperol, and gin. Campari is your favorite bright red liqueur that is the classic ingredient for Negronis. Cynar, on the other hand, can be drunk both as an aperitif and a digestif because of its very bitter taste.

What is a fino aperitif?

Fino is a very popular aperitif and something that pro people often consume to prepare their palate. There are various versions of fino such as pedro fino, fino collins and el jerez. The flavors may be different but every version sends a strong signal to your palate to get prepared for what’s going to come next.