What is a 4 ton porta power used for?

What is a 4 ton porta power used for?

The Big Red 4-Ton Porta Power with Carry Case is essential for the garage or shop when doing auto body, frame repair and other jobs. Long handles and heavy-walled extension tubes help lift as high as 13 in. Automatic pump overload system prevents ram and equipment damage.

How much can a porta power lift?

Load Capacity: 10 tons. Max Lifting Height: 135 mm-358MM. Cylinder Min Height:390 mm. Working Pressure: 62 Mpa.

What is a porter power?

A porta power is a compact modular hydraulic tool that can be used to apply brute force to very specific areas of a 4×4, trailer, or other vehicle. It’s best used to straighten out a dent or push a rocker guard back into place.

Can you pull with a porta power?

This is a hydraulic ram that hooks right up to a 10 ton hydraulic pump, like in a 10 ton porta power. This is perfect for body work on trucks, tractors, and heavy equipment. These units are made for bending, straightening, and pulling items.

How does a pull back ram work?

A hydraulic pull-back ram is a special tool used to restore vehicle frames by physically bending them back into shape. It is an extremely dangerous tool if used incorrectly, so following your manufacturer’s instructions regarding weight limits and use is essential.

What kind of oil goes in a porta power?

Any general purpose ISO-32, ISO-46, or ISO-68 hydraulic oil. Approved ATF fluids: Dexron III, Dexron VI, Mercon V, Mercon LV or any synthetic multi-vehicle ATF.

Is Porta power a brand?

the brand name is Porto-power made by Blackhawk , its what I have always seen in professional body shops. Most big parts stores carry them and I think sears does too. Go with the Blackhawk [since sold], Snappy, op one of the quality sets. The cheap sets will not last and are dangerous.

What is a pull back RAM used for?

What size hydraulic ram do I need?

You can calculate the size of the cylinder(s) needed by dividing the total load by the amount of points. For example, a 100 ton load with one lift point would need at least a 100 ton cylinder while that same load with four lift points would require four 25 ton cylinders.

What are the advantages of the hydraulic ram?

A hydraulic ram pump is powered by a body of water flowing downhill with a height difference….Suitable conditions.

Advantages Disadvantages
– Uses renewable energy sources. – If properly designed, can be produced and maintained locally. – Very effective in mountaneous areas – Water with height difference is needed