What episode does Piccolo fight 17?

What episode does Piccolo fight 17?

No. 17 vs Piccolo”) is the seventy-third episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on September 19, 2010.

Could Piccolo have defeated 17?

Piccolo would destroy #17 by this point. Heck, Piccolo’s full-power attack used against Cell would’ve likely been enough to wipe #17 out. He’s as strong as #17 before entering the room, and he’s much stronger after leaving the room. Piccolo has #17 outclassed here.

Is Piccolo stronger than 17?

But Piccolo was already stronger than 17 once the latter began to train, and Piccolo just kept on training without stopping after that. I don’t get why 17 is THAT much stronger than him.

Who won Android 17 or Piccolo?

The long and brutal slugfest favored Piccolo, but had no clear winner. Since then, the Namekian lost his relevancy, whereas the android was dropped completely. However, it became obvious upon 17’s return in Dragon Ball Super that he was a whole other level to what he was before.

How strong is 17 in Dragon Ball super?

Super 17’s power level is 1,500,000,000 and 1,799,926,758 in a special mission according to Dragon Ball Z: Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha – Ora to Omee to Scouter. In Dragon Ball Heroes, Super 17 shows the ability to absorb Android 16 or Perfect Cell in order to increase his power.

Is Piccolo stronger than Android 17 in Dragon Ball super?

Piccolo was stronger, but 17 has an “endless” supply of energy and never gets tired. So while he was/would be winning for most of the battle, those energy shots and fatigue would catch up. If the battle continued from where it was without Cell’s interruption.

Is Piccolo stronger than Android 17 in super?

As the battle rages the two fight on a near equal level. Android 17 is confused as he notes that Piccolo is now stronger then Goku according to his Database. Nonetheless, Android 17 concludes that Piccolo will eventually get tired and lose.

Can Android 17 beat Golden Frieza?

Frieza trained and overcame it. 17 would lose to Golden Frieza regardless of when they fought. The only chance he has is if he can keep the fight going long enough. He reduced the stamina problem, but I doubt it’s entirely gone.

Is Piccolo as strong as a Super Saiyan?

Considering the struggles that Goku goes through with Frost, it appears that Piccolo is more powerful than Goku’s base form, but perhaps not any stronger than that. Piccolo puts on an even greater display of his power in the lead-up to the Tournament of Power by scoring a victory over Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

Which Android is the strongest DBZ?

17 proved himself to be the strongest Android with his actions during the Tournament of Power. He did the following: Eliminated several of Universe 2’s champions (who were strong enough to take on Goku in Super Saiyan Blue).

How strong is Piccolo currently?

In the Universe 6 Saga, it’s proven that – in a fair fight – Piccolo can beat Frost with his Special Beam Cannon, even if Frost is stronger than him. Considering the struggles that Goku goes through with Frost, it appears that Piccolo is more powerful than Goku’s base form, but perhaps not any stronger than that.

How strong is true golden Frieza?

It was joked by Ryusei Nakao that because Frieza was a “nice guy” (ナイスガイ; naisu gai), Golden Frieza’s power level in this form is 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 (垓; gai or one hundred quintillion).

Can Piccolo go ultra instinct?

9 Can’t: Piccolo Piccolo is quite a powerful fighter, capable enough to take on strong warriors from other Universes. However, seeing that Ultra Instinct is a state that even the Gods struggle to achieve, it is highly unlikely for Piccolo to ever tap into this power.

Is Piccolo stronger than Buu?

Given his current power, Piccolo could probably beat Dragon Ball Z’s strongest villain, Majin Buu, if the two characters ever came to blows. It’s likely that with Piccolo’s current power, even Majin Buu would fall to him if they came to blows in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Is Android 17 good or evil?

He is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Android 18) of the Android Saga and an anti-hero in the Imperfect Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z. While his future counterpart is the main villain in the history of Trunks special and in GT, he becomes Super 17 the main antagonist of the saga of the same name.

Is Piccolo God tier?

Piccolo is definitely God level in the manga, given that he was able to keep up with a Gohan that was FAR stronger than the Gohan from the ToP, which is a Gohan that far surpassed God level (although still below Blue level).