Is no reply CC Yahoo-Inc Com a real Yahoo email?

Is no reply CC Yahoo-Inc Com a real Yahoo email?

The from address is [email protected]. I was sure this was a phishing email. But this is the from address yahoo chooses to use for official account related emails. This seems like a really poor choice for people trying to determine if emails are from the actual company.

What is CC Yahoo?

cc stands for customer care. yahoo-inc is their corporate email domain name. That said, if you go to your inbox in a web browser, if it’s a legitimate email from Yahoo, it will have a little Y!

Who owns Yahoo-Inc?

Verizon Communications
Yahoo!, in full Yahoo! Inc., global Internet services provider based in Sunnyvale, California, and owned by Verizon Communications since 2017. It was founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo, graduate students at Stanford University in California. Yahoo!

Is Yahoo closing email accounts?

On July 15th, Yahoo will be closing down inactive accounts (accounts that have not been logged into in the last 12 months) and releasing them to the public to claim.

What is CC in email address?

carbon copy
Cc stands for carbon copy which means that whose address appears after the Cc: header would receive a copy of the message. Also, the Cc header would also appear inside the header of the received message.

What is the point of CC in email?

CC, in its full form, stands for Carbon Copy, a function that allows you to send a single email to multiple contacts. It is often used to keep colleagues and clients in the loop, especially when you want to share information but you don’t necessarily need a reply.

Is Yahoo a Chinese company?

Yahoo! (/ˈjɑːhuː/, styled yahoo! in its logo) is an American web services provider. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and operated by the namesake company Yahoo Inc., which is 90% owned by investment funds managed by Apollo Global Management and 10% by Verizon Communications.

Where is Yahoo now?

After its revenues began shrinking following its peak in 2007, Yahoo was acquired by Verizon (VZ) for $4.5 billion in 2017, where it now operates alongside brands like HuffPost and Tumblr under the umbrella once called “Oath” — recently retooled as “Verizon Media.” Confusingly, Oath and Verizon Media both currently …

How do CC emails work?

The CC field allows you to send a copy of the email with any recipient of your choice. In most cases, the CC field is used to keep someone in the loop, or to share the same email with them. Unfortunately, this creates a literal copy of the same email in the recipient’s inbox.

How do you use CC?

If you expect a direct response or action, use the “To” field. If you want to keep people in the loop in a transparent way, use the “Cc” field. If someone is not meant to be a direct recipient, use “Cc.” If you want a “To” recipient to know other important people are aware of the correspondence, use “Cc.”

How does CC work?