Is Max Julien married?

Is Max Julien married?

Arabella Chavers JulienMax Julien / Spouse (m. 1991)

Did Max Julian pass away?

January 1, 2022Max Julien / Date of death

How old was Max Julien when he passed away?

88 years (1933–2022)Max Julien / Age at death

Max Julien, the sultry, soft-voiced actor and screenwriter who rose to pop-culture prominence with his starring role in “The Mack,” a 1973 film about the rise and fall of a pimp, died on Jan. 1 at a hospital in Los Angeles. He was 88. His wife, Arabella Chavers Julien, said the cause was cardiopulmonary arrest.

Who is Max Julien’s wife?

Arabella Chavers JulienMax Julien / Wife (m. 1991)

How old is vonetta?

65 years (1945–2010)Vonetta McGee / Age at death

How did vonetta McGee passed away?

Vonetta McGee died in July of cardiac arrest. She was 65.

How old is Lonette Mckee?

67 years (July 22, 1954)Lonette McKee / Age

Is vonetta McGee still living?

July 9, 2010Vonetta McGee / Date of death

Was Max Julien really a pimp?

Max Julien’s role as “Goldie” is based on the real life pimp and drug dealer from Oakland, Ca., Frank Ward, who was known as one of the biggest African American dope dealers and pimps of that era.

Is Lonette Mckee married?

Leo ComptonLonette McKee / Spouse (m. 1983–1990)

Is Lonetta McGee still alive?

She was a regular on the 1987 Universal Television situation comedy Bustin’ Loose, starring as Mimi Shaw for its only season (1987–88)….

Vonetta McGee
McGee in 1975
Born Vonetta Lawrence McGeeJanuary 14, 1945 San Francisco, California, U.S.
Died July 9, 2010 (aged 65) Berkeley, California, U.S.
Nationality American

Is fred Ward married?

Marie-France WardFred Ward / Spouse (m. 1995)

Was fred Ward a child actor?

Django WardFred Ward / Children