How much is a Porsche key?

How much is a Porsche key?

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Can you start Porsche without key?

The Porsche Entry & Drive System may or may not feature a dummy key that needs to be turned to start the vehicle. If your vehicle does not have this key, the car’s key fob, even if its internal battery is dead and won’t let you in, will start the car. It will be recognized once placed into the ignition switch.

Can a Porsche key be reprogrammed?

You must buy the key from Porsche dealer and reprogram all the keys for your safety.

How do I get a new key for my Porsche?

Yes, Porsche keys do require activation and pairing with the vehicle and this must be done in the repair shop at an additional charge. Please contact our service department for current programming rates. My vehicle is in the service department for a repair that requires a replacement key, or ignition switch.

How do I get another Porsche key?

Since keys are a security-sensitive component of your vehicle — only you, or someone authorized by you, can order a replacement key from a Porsche dealer.

Why are Porsche not Keyless?

Amongst other things, Porsche Entry and Drive negates the need to put your key into your ignition lock. But you still need to start the car, so Porsche puts a semi-permanent ‘operating device’ (as they call it) in your ignition lock. All ICE cars with keyless entry still need you to start the engine.

Can a locksmith program a Porsche key?

A locksmith can handle your Porsche car key replacement in full. They can often work faster and get replacement parts more quickly as well. When you get your new Porsche key from the dealership, is likely to be the most expensive option.

Why does Porsche have key on left?

Porsche, in typical German ingenuity, figured out a way to speed up the process. They relocated the ignition key to the left of the steering wheel. That meant that a driver could start the key with one hand as they put it into gear with the other.

Does my Porsche have keyless entry?


Why does Porsche still use a key?

What happens if I lost my key fob?

If you lose it: You could call a locksmith, who can come and make you a new key on the spot. In some cases—an unusual or older vehicle—a locksmith may not be able to help. You might need to buy a new ignition lock cylinder and key from the dealer or an independent repair shop.

Are Porsches keyless?

Today, although most manufacturers have switched to push-button ignitions, Porsche has kept the key, non-traditional as it may be. The real key is a device that you keep in your pocket or toss in a cupholder in the central console.

What is Porsche smartkey?

According to Open Road Auto Group, the smart key is part of the key fob that comes with a vehicle. Even when the key fob is in the driver’s pocket, it can still unlock, lock, or start a vehicle, thanks to the antennas in the car’s bodywork and the radio pulse generator in the key.

Why are Porsche not keyless?

How do I find my lost Porsche key?

New keys can be ordered with the VIN and proof of ownership. They take at most 10 working days to arrive. The car will have to be towed to the Porsche dealer for programming (20 minute operation).

How do I get a replacement Porsche key?

This is because slightly less work is required. Consumers today have various options to obtain a replacement Porsche key. Of course, a main Porsche dealer is always an option – usually more expensive. A clone key is also an option.

What happens if you lose your Porsche keys?

A situation where you have lost all of your keys will inevitably be more expensive than if you have a working key, and what you need is a second key; this is what we call a spare. Providing you with a key and getting it programmed to start your Porsche if more difficult if you have no keys at all.

Do I need a spare key for my car?

It may seem like a curious statement, however it is essential for our Vehicle Locksmith to know the circumstances. A situation where you have lost all of your keys will inevitably be more expensive than if you have a working key, and what you need is a second key; this is what we call a spare.