How big is an 88mm gun?

How big is an 88mm gun?

In addition to these Krupp designs, Rheinmetall later created a more powerful anti-aircraft gun, the 8.8 cm Flak 41, which was produced in relatively small numbers….8.8 cm Flak 18/36/37/41.

8.8 cm Flak 18-36
Length 5.791 m (20 ft)
Barrel length 4.938 m (16 ft 2 in) (56 calibers)
Width 2.3 m (7 ft 7 in)
Height 2.10 m (6 ft 11 in) (firing)

How big was the German 88?

German 88, versatile 88-millimetre (3.46-inch) multirole artillery piece, developed from 1917 by Germany. It was tested in the Spanish Civil War and was used extensively by the Germans in World War II as a field-artillery piece and as an antiaircraft and antitank gun.

How long is the Tiger 1 gun?

20 ft 8.7 in
Tiger I

Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E
Mass 54 tonnes (60 short tons) 57 tonnes (63 short tons) (Ausf. E) (Combat weight)
Length 6.316 m (20 ft 8.7 in) 8.45 m (27 ft 9 in) gun forward
Width 3.56 m (11 ft 8 in)
Height 3.00 m (9 ft 10 in)

How heavy was an 88mm shell?

8.8 cm KwK 43

8,8 cm KwK 43
Shell Fixed QF 88 × 822mm R
Shell weight 7.3 kg (16 lb) Armor-piercing composite rigid (APCR) Pzgr 40/43
Calibre 88 mm (3.46 in)
Elevation -8° to +15°

What size gun did the Sherman tank have?

M4 Sherman

Medium Tank, M4
Main armament 75 mm gun M3 (90–104 rounds) or 76 mm gun M1A1, M1A1C, or M1A2 (71 rounds) or 105 mm howitzer M4 (66 rounds)
Secondary armament .50 caliber Browning M2HB machine gun (300–600 rounds), 2×.30 caliber Browning M1919A4 machine guns (6,000–6,750 rounds)

What is Russia’s longest range artillery?

The 2S7 Pion (“peony”) or Malka is a Soviet self-propelled 203mm heavy artillery….

2S7 Pion
Effective firing range 37.5km
Maximum firing range 55.5km
Armor 10mm max.
Main armament 203 mm 2A44 gun L/56.2

Can a 75mm penetrate a Tiger?

The Panzer IV and Panzer IIIs which were encountered in North Africa could fall to the 75mm gun. It was the front armor of the Tiger I that first started to cause problems for the Allies. The 75mm cannons could not penetrate this armor, though they were still able to knock out these tanks from the rear and sides.

Why was the 76mm gun better than the 75mm?

Ammunition. While the 76 mm had less High Explosive (HE) and smoke performance than the 75 mm, the higher-velocity 76 mm gave better anti-tank performance, with firepower similar to many of the armored fighting vehicles it encountered, particularly the Panzer IV tank and StuG assault gun vehicles.

How far did a German 88 shoot?

The gun could be fired at targets as far as nine miles away. Very few of these guns are around now, but in World War II, many Allied troops wondered if the Germans would ever run out. You can see video of one of the few surviving “88s” being fired below.

How many M777 does USA have?

136 systems (108 of which were donated by the United States along with 200,000 155 mm artillery rounds and 18 in the additional package with 36,000 artillery rounds, 4 systems by Canada, and 6 systems by Australia, following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine) M982 Excalibur precision-guided munitions have also been …

How far can a howitzer tank shoot?

The howitzer’s maximum range is 18,100m when firing standard 95-pound M107 HE and M864 DPICM projectiles, and 30,000m when firing 97-pound M549 RAP rounds. The development of the M198 155mm towed howitzer began in 1968 when a lightweight replacement was sought for the WWII era M114 155mm howitzer.

Can a 75mm penetrate a tiger?

What artillery has the longest range?

The M1299 is an American prototype 155 mm turreted self-propelled howitzer developed by BAE Systems in 2019 under the Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) program….

Effective firing range 70 km (rocket-assisted round)
Main armament 155 mm L/58 XM907 gun
Engine Cummins diesel 600 hp (450 kW)
Suspension torsion bar