Did Aqua get sued for Barbie?

Did Aqua get sued for Barbie?

Mattel v. 3d 894 (9th Cir. 2002), was a series of lawsuits between Mattel and MCA Records that resulted from the 1997 hit single “Barbie Girl” by Danish group Aqua. The case was ultimately dismissed.

Where is Aqua Barbie Girl?

Len in the Barbie Girl video. Aqua singer Lene Nystrom at 48. In 2001, Lene and bandmate Søren got married in Las Vegas – they now have two kids together but broke up in 2017. She released a solo album in 2003 called Play With Me, featuring the single It’s Your Duty – but they never reached the charts.

Why did Mattel sue Bratz?

Mattel’s lawsuit claims that Bratz creator Carter Bryant made the doll while working for them and broke the terms of his “invention agreement” by taking it to MGA. At first, a Riverside, Calif., jury agreed with Mattel, awarding it $100 million in 2008.

Who wrote the song Barbie Girl?

Lene NystrømRené DifClaus NorreenSøren Rasted
Barbie Girl/Composers

Did Aqua break up?

On 20 September 2016, Aqua announced that Claus Norreen would not return to the group. Norreen said in a statement that his “musical focus” has changed and that he no longer desires to tour with Aqua, but still considers the remaining members of Aqua “his family”.

Who won Barbie vs Bratz?

The Bratz dolls were hugely successful beginning in 2001 and were a top seller. Mattel won the first trial in 2008 claiming the employee misappropriated the trade secrets from Mattel after leaving and joining MGA, where the Bratz dolls were commercialized. The jury sided with Mattel and awarded $100 million dollars.

Why are Bratz dolls being banned?

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK, Dec 4 (Reuters) – A California federal judge ordered MGA Entertainment Inc to stop selling its popular Bratz dolls and banned it from using the toy’s name, finding that hundreds of Bratz products infringe copyrights owned by rival toymaker Mattel Inc MAT.

How old is Lena from Aqua?

48 years (October 2, 1973)Lene Nystrøm / Age

Does Aqua still make music?

Aqua is a Danish-Norwegian Europop music group, best known for their 1997 multi-platinum crossover single “Barbie Girl”….Aqua (band)

Genres Pop dance-pop bubblegum pop Europop Eurodance
Years active 1989–2001 2008–2012 2016–present
Labels Universal Music Denmark MCA Mercury Geffen
Members René Dif Lene Nystrøm Søren Rasted

Is Bratz coming back in 2021?

Bratz dolls are coming back in summer 2021! And new 4 core Bratz dolls (Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin and Jade) along with first Bratz boy – Cameron will be released in 2021 collection – Bratz 20 Yearz Special Edition. Bratz made their super debut in 2001! Now 20 years later, you can collect replicas of the original dolls.