Can I use wireless headset with Avaya?

Can I use wireless headset with Avaya?

If you have an Avaya IP phone, we have Plantronics and Jabra Headsets are compatible with Avaya phones. For remote answering, an electronic hook switch (EHS) adapter cable. See below for some compatible Avaya headsets bundles.

Does Avaya 9611G have Bluetooth?

Competitively priced and high-performing, it supports Bluetooth®, a USB interface, integrated Gigabit Ethernet (1000MBps for both deskphone and attached PC), a secondary Ethernet port, and up to three 12 or 24 Button Expansion Modules.

Can I use any headset with Avaya phone?

Headsets for Avaya Phones. Numerous headsets are compatible with Avaya telephones, but finding the correct amplifier or direct connect cable is the key to getting a headset to work properly with your Avaya phone.

Can you connect Bluetooth headphones to Avaya phone?

Tap Settings > Options & Settings > Bluetooth Setup. The deskphone displays a list of available and paired devices if any. Perform one of the following actions: To pair a headset, tap the required headset from the available devices.

Does Avaya phone have Bluetooth?

The competitively priced, high-performing Avaya J179 IP Phone features a color display, 4 softkeys, high definition audio quality, integrated Gigabit Ethernet interface, headset support, up to three 24-button Expansion Modules, and optional Wi-Fi® / Bluetooth®.

Does my Avaya phone have Bluetooth?

Are Avaya phones Bluetooth?

Product Description. The Avaya 9600 Bluetooth Adapter allows bluetooth communications devices such as headsets to interoperate with compatible Avaya 9600 Series telephones.

How do I connect my Avaya headphones?

Simply plug the D103, D107 or D114 direct connect cable into your compatible Discover D700 series wired headset, then plug the other end into your Avaya desk phone, into the HEADSET port. In order to use your Discover headset on your Avaya phone, press the headset button on your Avaya phone to answer/end calls.

How do you answer Avaya phone with headset?

To Answer a Call :

  1. Press the call control button on the headset to answer an incoming call.
  2. Alternatively, if the headset button on the telephone is pressed first, then press the call control button on the headset, if it isn’t already activated, to answer an incoming call.

What cables do I need to connect my Avaya phone to headphones?

Direct Connect Cable: This cable connects from your Avaya headset to the headset port of your Avaya phone. Electronic Hook Switch: Otherwise known as an EHS cable, this accessory connects from a wireless headset charging base to your Avaya phone.

How do I use my discover headset on my Avaya phone?

In order to use your Discover headset on your Avaya phone, press the headset button on your Avaya phone to answer/end calls. OR leave your headset on throughout the day and press the on/off button on your D904 or Adapt 30 headset to answer/end calls up to 350 feet away from your desk

How do I enable remote call answering with a wired headset?

If choosing a wired headset, you’ll see the compatible adapter that will also be needed. For wireless, you can add the optional compatible accessory ( DHS13 or D632) to enable remote call answering ( most customers add this accessory) Q: Why do I have to purchase a separate adapter to go with a wired headset for my Avaya phone?