Can I get NIT Warangal with 95 percentile home?

Can I get NIT Warangal with 95 percentile home?

Answer. Hello, Unless you belong to some reserved category, chances are very less for you to get admission at NIT Warangal as it closes at around 97.5 percentile(all branches) for general female category.

What is the cutoff for NIT Warangal?

JEE Main 2020 cut-off for NIT Warangal

Course Category HS-CR
CSE OBC Male 826
OBC Female 1584
SC Male 470
SC Female 1041

Can I get seat in NIT Warangal with 97 percentile?

Answer. Yes definitely, after securing 97 Percentile in JEE Main 2021, besides having Telangana Home State Advantage and ST Category as well as Female Quota, you have fair chances in securing a seat at NIT Warangal, perhaps in one of the Top 3 Streams, CSE, Electrical or Mechanical.

What is the rank of CSE in NIT Warangal?

Tech CSE course for JEE Main rank range 1 to 5000 (JoSAA Round 1 counselling). NIT Warangal B….JoSAA 2020 Round 1 CSE Cutoff for NIT Warangal.

Name of the Category Opening & Closing Rank
General (HS) 541 – 1739
EWS (HS) 220 – 345
OBC – NCL (HS) 284 – 760

What is the minimum rank for NIT in OBC?

Minimum OBC category rank to get NITs is around 13,000.

Can I get NIT with 83 percentile OBC?

Since you have secured 83 percentile and your Obc-ncl category rank is too low. You will not get any NITs, IIITS and GFTIs due to low rank. You may get admission in some private colleges.

Can I get 82 percentile OBC NIT?

It will be difficult to get admissions in NIT with 82 percentile because the qualifying cutoff for general category is predicted to be nearly 89% though it is not yet officially out. The admission cutoff will be more than the qualifying cutoff.So the chances are less.

Can you get 35000 OBC ranked NIT?

Answer. Sorry, you can’t be able to get admission in any nit or Government engineering College with this rank in OBC category. You need to score atleast 15000 rank in OBC category for getting into a nit.

Can you get 39000 OBC rank NIT?

Answer. Yes u will definitely get a seat in NIT ( but u have to wait till the last round and you have to accept the branch that u get …..

Can I get 85 percentile OBC 2021 NIT?

at 85 percentile in jee mains and obc ncl you can get some of the north-eastern nits with home state quota and gfti colleges as well.

Can I get NIT with 90 percentile OBC?

Answer. Dear candidate, at 90 percentile your AIR(General rank) will be around 102300-115000. Your OBC rank will be around 30000. There are very tough chances of your admission in any NIT/IIIT/GFTI unless you have home state quota.

How many seats are there in OBC for NIT?

We will discuss the NITs wise seats. The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) has released information about the number of seats available at NIT Colleges in India for 2021-22….Category-Wise NIT Seat Matrix.

Category NITs Seats
OBC (NCL – Non-Creamy Layer) 5824
OBC (NCL – Non-Creamy Layer) – PWD 302
Total Seats 23506

Which NIT can I get with 30000 OBC rank?

In my opinion ,yes there are rays of hope to get seat in NIT if you’ve got 30k obc rank ,as I have cleared jee mains last year so I have seen that if anyone who is from home state quota and their rank is about 30k or 40k ,they have got seats in NIT Hamirpur,NIT agartala,NIT Raipur,NIT Goa,NIT Rourkela,NIT Durgapur,NIT …

Is 86 percentile good in JEE Mains for OBC?

Your Percentile will be good in OBC category. But in general category 86 percentile score is near to expected cuttoff percentile score. You can take rough idea about rank under general quota using this formula :{100-percentile score}×874469/100,where 874469 is total number of candidates in 1st phase of jee mains exam.

Can I get 84 percentile OBC NIT?

For a percentile of 84 your obc rank should be around 45k to 50k. With this obc rank your chances of getting top NITs, like NIT Trichy, Warangal, Rourkela, Surathkal, allahabad is not possible, You can get least preferred branch like biotech in mid, tier NITs like NIT Durgapur, Surat etc. if you have home state quota.

What is OBC rank in JEE Mains?

As per JEE Main 2020, for 81 percentile, your OBC rank would have been 64,944. Generalizing, you can expect an OBC rank between 62k – 71k.

Can I get 25000 in OBC ranked NIT?

You will definitely get core branches of NITs . I am saying this because one of my friend get civil engineering department with an OBC rank of 25k . So be ready for hearing a good news after counseling of JEE MAIN is over. My opinion is also go for decentralised counseling.

Can you get 7000 OBC rank NIT?

Yes you may get in NIT of your homestate.

What is the cutoff of NIT Warangal?

Cutoff contains ranks or scores that candidates must achieve in entrance exams to get admission in the desired course offered by NIT Warangal. The cutoff of NITW involves the cutoff of JEE Main, NET, CAT, NIMCET, JAM and GATE. To understand the cutoff pattern correctly, it is important for students to check previous years’ cutoffs.

How to get admission in NIT Warangal for BTech?

NIT Warangal Cut Off: In order to get admission to NIT Warangal, you need to clear the NIT Warangal Cut Off 2020 for BTech, MTech, MBA. The authorities will release the JEE Main Cutoff for NIT Warangal in online mode. This is the minimum marks required for a student to obtain in the JEE Main.

What is the cutoff of NITW?

The cutoff of NITW involves the cutoff of JEE Main, NET, CAT, NIMCET, JAM and GATE. To understand the cutoff pattern correctly, it is important for students to check previous years’ cutoffs. Every year, the cutoff is determined on the basis of the difficulty level of exam, scores of candidates and many other factors.