Will they make a firestarter 2?

Will they make a firestarter 2?

Since Firestarter took less than two months to shoot, and released less than a year after production wrapped, it’s likely that if Universal greenlights Firestarter 2 in 2022 that a sequel could be out before the end of 2023. Likewise, if Firestarter 2 gets the go-ahead in 2023, a 2024 release is likely.

How did the original Firestarter movie end?

Andy, mortally wounded and dying, pleads with her to use her powers to bring the facility down after he dies. The entire security team arrives and she eliminates them one by one with her powers and makes her way off the property. Charlie hitchhikes back to the Manders’ farm and is welcomed back.

Is Firestarter a series?

Firestarter is a 2022 American science fiction thriller film directed by Keith Thomas, from a screenplay by Scott Teems, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King and serving as a remake of the 1984 film adaptation.

Who was the little girl in Firestarter?

Firestarter is a horror film, based on Stephen King’s book with the same name. It starres Drew Barrymore as Charlie McGee, a little girl with the ability to start fires with her mind, and George C. Scott, as John Rainbird, the ruthless government agent looking to capture her. A sequel was made in 2002.

Is Drew Barrymore in the remake of Firestarter?

Though emotional, Drew certainly approves Drew Barrymore shared a heartfelt moment with the actress replacing her in the reboot of Firestarter, and as soon as she saw her, the host couldn’t hold back her tears.

What does Stephen King think of the new Firestarter movie?

King said: “I read the script beforehand and I thought to myself, okay, what they’ve done here is they have concentrated the story and made it a family story. And I love that. They’ve kept the major beats in the story and thank God they got a real Native American to play John Rainbird.

Did Stephen King write a sequel to Firestarter?

‘Firestarter 2: Rekindled’ – Unearthing the Ashes of a Forgotten Stephen King Sequel. Of all of Stephen King’s literary children, none burns as brightly as Charlie McGee. She is the main character in his 1980 novel Firestarter and arguably his most powerful protagonist.

Is Firestarter related to Carrie?

Stephen King’s 6th published novel, titled Firestarter, was published on September 29th 1980. Though King feared it was too similar to Carrie, he pushed through the writing process and produced somewhat of a sister story to his first success.

Is Firestarter 2022 a remake?

2022’s Firestarter, a remake of the 1984 film of the same name starring Drew Barrymore, stars Zac Efron and Ryan Kiera Armstrong. The film, adapted from the novel by Stephen King, opened only a week after Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Is there a remake of Firestarter?

Zac Efron stars as the father of a girl, Charlie, who is learning to control her powers.

Is Drew Barrymore in the New Firestarter?

What does Stephen King think of Firestarter?

Is Firestarter a prequel to Carrie?

Was Firestarter a flop?

Overall, without any doubt, ‘Firestarter’ is a Flop film at the box office. Apart from the box office, according to some media reports, the film performed well on Peacock, and it is one of the most-watched films on Peacock.

Is the institute connected to Firestarter?

Stephen King reveals his next novel, ‘The Institute,’ will be published this September. Stephen King’s next novel is “The Institute.” Its publisher likens it to two of King’s previous works, “It” and “Firestarter.” Fans of Stephen King won’t have too much longer to wait for the next novel from the master of horror.

What was the budget for Firestarter 2022?

12 million USDFirestarter / Budget

How long is the new movie Firestarter?

The running time is only 94 minutes long, thus proving there may, in fact, be a merciful higher power out there.

Is Firestarter a flop?

According to critics, the film will not gross more than $20 million lifetime and it is poor for a ‘Firestarter’. Overall, without any doubt, ‘Firestarter’ is a Flop film at the box office.

What is Firestarter 2022 rated?

RFirestarter / MPAA rating

Is there a Firestarter 2 movie?

Firestarter: Rekindled (retitled Firestarter 2: Rekindled for video) is a 2002 television miniseries and the sequel to the film adaptation of the Stephen King novel Firestarter. It stars Marguerite Moreau as now-adult Charlie McGee, Danny Nucci, Dennis Hopper, and Malcolm McDowell as Charlie’s old nemesis from the original story, John Rainbird.

When did Firestarter Rekindled come out?

Firestarter: Rekindled debuted as a Sci Fi Pictures two-night miniseries on the Sci Fi Channel March 10–11, 2002. ^ Huddleston, Kathie (March 4, 2002). ” Firestarter: Rekindled: Stephen King’s incendiary tale lights the torch for a brand-new adventure of Charlie McGee”.

Who is Charlie in hiding in Firestarter 2?

Charlie has been in hiding for nearly all her life from a top-secret government fringe group headed by the maniacal John Rainbird, who wants to find and use Charlie as the ultimate weapon of war. Firestarter 2: Rekindled streaming: where to watch online?

Is’Firestarter’A sequel or a remake?

Truth be told, if they had billed the movie simply as “Firestarter: Rekindled,” dropping the “2,” the results would have been less offensive and it would be suitable as more of a remake than it is a sequel. Think of it as an overblown piece of fan-fiction on the small-screen, and it has its merits.