Why is Fossil Creek AZ closed?

Why is Fossil Creek AZ closed?

“The decision to keep Fossil Creek closed to the public was made at the recommendation of a Burned Area Emergency Response team due to elevated post-fire risks in the area, such as flash floods, debris flows and dead trees,” the Coconino National Forest said in a news release.

Do you need a permit for Fossil Creek Arizona?

Spring-Summer Season (April 1 – October 1): Parking permit required for parking in the Fossil Creek area. Reservations for a specific parking lot must be made in advance through Recreation.gov. Visitors must bring printed permits and passes to the site. Permits cannot be issued on-site.

What happened to Fossil Creek?

“Fossil Creek has remained closed since the Backbone Fire that began June 16, 2021, and will likely remain closed the rest of the year due to post-fire hazards, dead trees, flash floods, debris flows and debris dams,” said Brady Smith, Coconino National Forest public affairs officer.

How is the drive from Fossil Creek AZ?

Fossil Creek recreation sites can be accessed in two ways. The first is by taking State Route 260 near Camp Verde to Forest Road 708 and driving the 14 miles of rough dirt road to designated parking lots and creek access sites near Fossil Creek.

How do you get to the waterfall in Fossil Creek?

The only way to access the Waterfall Trailhead by motor-vehicle is to take the road from Camp Verde. Access via Camp Verde: From Interstate 17, exit 287, turn east on State Route 260 towards Payson and travel 10 miles.

Can I get to Fossil Creek in a car?

An individual could make a reservation, if space is available, in real time, but they would need to print their parking pass and bring it with them to Fossil Creek. A physical, printed parking pass must be placed on the dash of the car.

Is Fossil Creek closed right now?

THIS AREA IS CURRENTLY CLOSED Aug 23, 2021 – Dec 31, 2022, or until rescinded, whichever comes first. The purpose of this closure order is to protect the public’s health and safety from unsafe conditions resulting from the Backbone Fire.

How Deep Is Fossil Creek waterfall?

You will need a permit and parking pass to access the area. Fossil Creek is one of only two Wild and Scenic rivers in Arizona. At temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, water gushes out at 20,000 gallons per minute from springs at the bottom of a 1,600 foot deep canyon.

Is Fossil Creek busy?

Arizona’s Fossil Creek is inundated by crowds, trash. Hikers are hit by dehydration, injuries. Still, the spot is a treasure, and some think both the creek and the people can endure.

Is Fossil Creek a hard hike?

The one-mile trail follows the creek to a natural waterfall, where crowds spend the day swimming. This rewarding hike showcases the beauty Fossil Creek has to offer. However, swimming and cliff diving near the waterfall is extremely dangerous, and has led to several drowning deaths and severe injuries.

Can you swim at Fossil Creek waterfall?

Fossil Creek offers miles of gorgeous water features and secluded, crystal clear swimming holes.

Do you need 4×4 for Fossil Creek?

High clearance vehicles and 4WD are recommended, but sedans have been known to successfully make the journey. Tire blow outs are a strong possibility if you take the road quickly. The gate to the permit area is manned by a Forest Service ranger who will check your permit.

How Cold Is Fossil Creek water?

70 degrees Fahrenheit
Fossil Creek is one of only two Wild and Scenic Rivers in Arizona. At temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, water gushes out at 20,000 gallons per minute from springs at the bottom of a 1,600-foot deep canyon. Over the years these calcium-rich waters have laid down huge deposits of a material called travertine.