Who paints for Kindig-it Design?

Who paints for Kindig-it Design?

The introduction of the Modern Classikk paint brand comes almost a year to the date after AkzoNobel and Kindig announced their partnership. Over the past 12 months, Kindig worked closely with AkzoNobel to develop the new paint line, which includes colors such as Black Hole Black, Teal Later and Veruca Violet.

Who is the owner of kindig customs?

Dave Kindig
Bitchin’ Rides (known outside the United States as Salt Lake Garage in Italy and Kindig Customs elsewhere) is a reality styled Velocity TV show featuring Dave Kindig from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based company Kindig It Designs as they show their process of restoring and rebuilding vehicles.

Where is Kindig-it Design out of?

Salt Lake City
Kindig-it Design opened it’s doors in 1999 by Dave & Charity Kindig, Kindig-it Design is a One-Stop Custom Shop with a 27,000sqft facility in Salt Lake City, UT.

What kind of car does Dave Kindig drive?

Dave Kindig, owner and designer at Kindig-it Design, has always loved the 1953 Corvette, but Chevrolet’s legendary sports car had some issues in its first year of production.

Did Jordan leave kindig-it?

Jordan Brown, you are one of the most talented fabricators I have ever seen. I am 73 and just enjoy watching your talent put to work. I am sorry you no longer work Kin-digit.

Is Kevin Schiele still with Kindig?

Kevin Schiele has worked for Kindig-it Design since 2004 and runs our 27,000 sq ft shop. He has an unparalleled passion for the industry and has spent many long hours in the shop making sure that every build is just right.

Is Kevin Schiele still with kindig?

Is Justin still with kindig?

Dave and Justin Stephens (of JS Custom Interiors) have been working together longer than Kindig-it has been in business. Justin is able to transform Dave’s renderings into true works of award-winning art, crafting hand-built door panels, center consoles, dashboards, leather headliners, and more for our cars.

Is Jordan still at kindig?

Does Chris still work for Kindig-it Design?

Chris has been with Kindig-it Design since April of 2021 and has loved it ever since.

Is Justin still with Kindig?

Is Justin still with kindig-it?

Is Bryce Green still with kindig?

kindigitdesign We are sad to announce that Bryce Green is no longer part of Kindig-it Design or affiliated with Bitchin’ Rides. …

Did Bryce Green leave kindig?

Is Frank still with kindig?

Today Frank still serves in the United States Army Reserves while honing his craft in the body shop at Kindig-it Design. His uncle Joe, his mom and his girlfriend Alex.

Is Will still with kindig?

Will Lockwood is an engineer, restorer, fabricator, and builder who is part of the team at Kindigit Design where they build incredible custom rides.