Who is the powerful hero in COC?

Who is the powerful hero in COC?

Archer Queen
1. Archer Queen. Without a doubt, the Archer Queen takes first place. Coupled with a few healers, the Archer Queen can successfully defend your troop in both attack and defense strategies.

What is +1 on Heroes in COC?

The Extra Life is shown as a heart icon next to the Hero’s HP indicator. When the Extra Life is fully regenerated to 100% it will display a heart icon with a “+1”.

What is the best hero in Clash of Clans 2021?

Hands down the best hero in Clash of Clans right now is the Archer Queen. Part of this is due to her ability to become invisible to defenses and summon a small cluster of Archers to aid her in battle. But honestly, the main reason she’s so powerful is how useful she is in bringing down air units.

Which pet is the best COC?

The Unicorn is unlocked once the Pet House has been upgraded to level 4 and is a ground based healer for your hero. Unlike Healers which can only heal ground units, the Unicorn is able to heal both ground and air based heroes….Unicorn.

Preferred Target Hero
Special Ability Personal Healer

Why does my Archer Queen have a +1 heart?

The Hero bonus life is shown by the heart icon next to the HP indication. When the bonus life has been fully regenerated to 100%, a heart icon with a “+1” will appear.

Are dragon riders good COC?

The Dragon Rider has faster speed, higher DPS, higher hitpoints, and lower housing space than the Electro Dragon of a similar level, making him a good alternative. They also target defenses, however, they cannot damage multiple buildings in one attack, unlike the Electro Dragon.

What is the max level of heroes in th13?

In TH13, there are four heroes available: The Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, and Royal Champion….Max Levels of Heroes in TH13.

Hero Max Level
Archer Queen 75
Grand Warden 50
Royal Champion 25

What is the best pet COC?

The Mighty Yak is unlocked once the Pet House has been upgraded to level 3. The Mighty Yak has the highest HP of the pets (similar to a low level Golem) but the lowest DPS….Mighty Yak.

Preferred Target Within 7 tiles of Hero
Hitpoints High
DPS Low (20x Wall Damage)
Movement Speed Moderate (20)
Special Ability Wall Buster

Should I upgrade my king or queen first?

Unless there is some important change(like one-shotting builder huts) one more ability level is better to the king than to the queen. If the queen is not one under max, then upgrade her.