Where was Uncle Jed from?

Where was Uncle Jed from?

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Uncle Jed
Also known as Luna Grand
Origin Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Genres Funk soul reggae jazz
Years active 2005–present

Did Uncle Jed win Australia’s Got Talent?

BROTHERS Danny and Shannon Stitt and their cousin Laura are $250,000 richer after winning the TV talent show’s grand final tonight. Uncle Jed celebrate their Australia’s Got Talent win.

What happened to Jed Clampett’s wife?

Jed’s wife (Elly May’s mother) died but is referred to in the episode “Duke Steals A Wife” as Rose Ellen.

What is Buddy Ebsen’s real name?

Christian Ludolf Ebsen Jr.
Born Christian Ludolf Ebsen Jr. in Belleville, Ill., on April 2, 1908, Ebsen was nicknamed Buddy early on by an aunt.

Who won 2013 Australia’s Got Talent?

Uncle Jed
The seventh season aired on the Nine Network from 11 August 2013 until 10 November 2013….Australia’s Got Talent (season 7)

Australia’s Got Talent
Judges Dawn French Timomatic Geri Halliwell Kyle Sandilands
Winner Uncle Jed
Runner-up Greg Gould & The Chase

What happened to Ellie Mae’s mother?

Jed’s wife (Elly May’s mother) died but is referred to in the episode “Duke Steals A Wife” as Rose Ellen. He is the son of Luke Clampett and his wife, and has a sister named Myrtle. He attended Ozark Elementary.

What happened to Jed Clampett’s money?

Critter-loving Elly May was still in California with her animals, but Jed was back home in the Hills, having lost his fortune, stolen by the now-imprisoned banker Drysdale.

Was Irene Ryan married?

Harold E. Knoxm. 1946–1961Tim Ryanm. 1922–1942
Irene Ryan/Spouse

How old is Dorothy Knott?

The Meredith College community was saddened to learn of the death of Professor Emerita Dorothy “Dot” Knott Preston, ’54, on January 5, 2021, at age 88.

How old were the Rybka Twins in 2013?


Name Genre Age(s)
The Rybka Twins Acrobatics 17
Uncle Jed Singing 26-29
Valère Singing 22
X-Treme Team Acrobatics 13-25

How much money do you get if you win Australia’s got talent?

Jack Vidgen, Australia’s Got Talent. At the time, the younger singer walked away with a whopping $250,000 in prize money. But 10 years later, the money is completely gone. “I wanted to buy my mum a car, so that was a pretty big chunk out of it,” Jack told New Idea in 2019.

What happened to Jed Clampets wife?

Who was Granny to Jed?

Daisy May Moses (portrayed by Irene Ryan in all 274 episodes), called “Granny” by all, is Jed’s mother-in-law, so is often called “Granny Clampett” in spite of her last name.

How was Granny related to Jed?

Granny is Jed’s mother-in-law. Pearl Bodine is Jed’s first cousin. That makes Jethro and Jethrine second cousins to Elly May. Jethro/Jethrine are first cousins once removed to Jed.

What was Granny Clampett’s real name?

Actress, Irene Ryan, best know for her role as Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies, was born on Oct. 17, ,1901. She passed away Apr, 26, 1973. Actress, Irene Ryan, best know for her role as Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies, was born on Oct.

Was Nancy Kulp married?

Charles DacusNancy Kulp / Spouse (m. 1951–1961)

When was Dorothy Knott born?

Dorothy was born on June 10, 1927, a daughter of the late Laura Alice (Hoover) and George Marvin Milstead. She was a member of Heavens Golden Gates Church in Staunton. She was united in marriage on June 21, 1943, to Grover Thomas Knott, who preceded her in death on June 8, 1981.

Who is Uncle Jed?

– Single Family members Laura Stitt and her two cousins, Danny and Shannon Stitt have over time created one of Australia’s most exciting up and coming Funk/Soul acts, “Uncle Jed”.

Who are the members of the Stitts?

Formed in 2005 among family members, the lineup was Danny Stitt on bass and lead guitars, his brother, Shannon Stitt on keyboards and their cousin, Laura Stitt on lead vocals. In November 2013 the trio won the seventh season of the TV reality show, Australia’s Got Talent. A self-titled album was issued in May 2010.

How many Uncle Jed songs are cover versions?

Three of Uncle Jed’s singles are cover versions, ” Brother ” (August 2013), ” Give Me Love ” (October) and ” Just Give Me a Reason ” (November), and all peaked in the ARIA Singles Chart top 50. The group briefly changed the band name to Luna Grand in May 2015 and released an extended play, Patience Love, in June.