Where is Kochi located in political map of India?

Where is Kochi located in political map of India?

Map showing the location of Kochi city in Kerala….Kochi Location Map,Kerala.

City Kochi
State Kerala
District Ernakulam
Total Population 596,473
Total Male 295,351

Where is Kerala located in India political map?

Kerala is situated in the southwestern tip of Indian peninsula. It is flanked by Arabian Sea on the west, Karnataka on the north and northeast and Tamil nadu on the east. Malabar coast is the site of Kerala location, with the Western Ghats running along its length.

In which state is Cochin located?

KeralaKochi / State

Where is Kochi port located Class 10?

Kochi is the extreme south-western port, located at the entrance of a lagoon with a natural harbour. On the east coast, is the port of Tuticorin, in Tamil Nadu. This port has a natural harbour and rich hinterland.

Is Kochi and Cochin same?

Kochi and Cochin are the names that create a lot of confusion when you are planning a trip to Kerala. If you are having the same predicament, don’t worry, Kochi and cochin are the same. British used to call Kochi Cochin and Keralites used to call it Kochi and officially Kochi was declared as the name in the 1990s.

Is Kochi a district?

It is part of the district of Ernakulam in the state of Kerala and is commonly referred to as Ernakulam. Kochi is the most densely populated city in Kerala….Kochi.

Kochi Cochin
Country India
State Kerala
District Ernakulam
Formed 1 April 1958

Is Kochi and Ernakulam same?

Ernakulam is the name of the district in which Kochi ,the sea port in kerala state is located. This place is known and called as Kochi or Ernakulam commonly. Kochi originated from kochazhi which, in Malayalam, denotes “small estuary”.

What’s a political map?

Political Maps – does not show physical features. Instead, they show state and national boundaries and capital and major cities. Physical Maps – illustrate the physical features of an area, such as the mountains, rivers and lakes. Topographic Maps – include contour lines to show the shape and elevation of an area.

Which is located in Kochi?

Kochi is one of the best city of The Ernakulam District and one of the major cities of Kerala, Kochi is located on the south-west coast of India by the Laccadive Sea….Facts about Kochi.

Name Kochi
Continent Asia
Area 94.88 km2 (36.63 sq mi)
Population 601,574
Population Density 6,340/km2 (16,400/sq mi)

What is the new name of Cochin?

Changed Name (in India)

Old Name New Name
Cochin Kochi
Calicut Kozhikode
Palghat Palakkad
Trichur Thrissur

Who built Kochi port?

Sir Robert Bristow
The Port of Kochi was developed into a modern port from 1920-1940 by Sir Robert Bristow, a British harbour engineer. He transformed the port into one of the safest ports in the area with modern equipment and facilities. In August 1936, it was declared a Major Port.

Is Kochi a state?

Is Kochi a city or state?

Kochi ([koˈtːʃi ] ( listen)), formerly known in English as Cochin (/ˈkoʊtʃɪn/ KOH-chin), is a major port city on the Malabar Coast of India bordering the Laccadive Sea, which is a part of the Arabian Sea. It is part of the district of Ernakulam in the state of Kerala and is commonly referred to as Ernakulam.

How do you read a political map?

Reading Political Maps North will always be at the top of the map, south at the bottom, east to your right, and west to your left.