When was a perfect Christmas on BBC Two?

When was a perfect Christmas on BBC Two?

These are the BBC Two Christmas idents from December 1967 until the present day. A Perfect Christmas – “the best of the BBC archives from past Christmases, with classic comedy, drama and stars” – went out on Saturday 21 December 1991, on BBC Two. This ‘theme day’ had its own special set of idents.

When did the 1991 BBC TWO logo come out?

The BBC Two ‘1991–2001’ idents were broadcast from 16 February 1991 until 19 November 2001, and again from 9 July 2014 until 27 September 2018, on BBC Two in the United Kingdom. The idents, which consisted of a sans-serif ‘2’, accompanied by the colour viridian, were created by branding agency Lambie-Nairn…

What happened to the old BBC idents?

The ident package was retained following the corporate rebrand of the BBC in October 1997 when a new logo and additional idents were introduced. The idents were taken out of service in November 2001, and were later revived on 21 June 2014 for “90s Night” and in July 2014, to commemorate the 50th birthday of BBC Two.

When was the last time BBC used the clock logo?

The first clock ident was used in February until late 1991, the second was used in late 1991 until October 1997. The clock was edited in October 1997 with the new logo. This was the last BBC Two logo to use the clock ident.

Why does the BBC still do Christmas at Christmas?

With commercial competition starting in the mid-1950s, the BBC started to understand their programmes as part of a channel – the framework that said something about what to expect from that part of the Corporation. One way of making a big impact was, and still is, at Christmas.

What characters are featured in the idents?

Sometimes the idents featured the characters from Up , Shrek and The Princess and the Frog . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.