What size is an SK06 VELUX?

What size is an SK06 VELUX?

114cm x 118cm
These VELUX SK06 centre-pivot roof windows are 114cm x 118cm and come in a variety of options.

What size is VELUX C04?

55cm x 98cm
VELUX GGL C04 3073 Window 55cm x 98cm Centre Pivot Laminated (Pine)

What size is MK04 VELUX?

78cm x 98cm
Description. These VELUX MK04 Roof Windows are 78cm x 98cm and come in a variety of options.

What does VELUX GGL mean?

GGL/GGU INTEGRA® Centre-Pivot Roof Window. The centre-pivot window is a classic and versatile design manufactured in high quality natural pine with the option of a clear lacquered pine internal finish (GGL) or a white polyurethane internal finish (GGU).

What does Velux GGL mean?

What is the smallest Velux window?

VELUX window sizes chart

Height Width
70cm VELUX CK01
78cm VELUX CK02

What size is VELUX MK06?

78cm x 118cm
VELUX GGL MK06 Centre Pivot Roof Window – 78cm x 118cm.

What size is MK04?

These VELUX MK04 Roof Windows are 78cm x 98cm and come in a variety of options.

Do Velux windows come in different sizes?

Hopefully our useful guide to Velux window sizes and types will help you in choosing the right type, size and style of Velux window for your property….Velux Roof Window Designs.

Window Width Height
VELUX CK02 55cm 78cm
VELUX CK04 55cm 98cm
VELUX CK06 55cm 118cm
VELUX FK04 66cm 98cm

Where are VELUX window sizes located?

But, do remember that window sizes are for the external window frame and not internal measures. Where Are Velux Brand Window Codes Located? You can easily find VELUX window codes on the top right-hand edge of the roof window when you open it.

Can I change the variant of my VELUX window?

You can change the variant though as this refers to things like glazing, window finish, or opening type. So, for example, you could replace your GGL MK08 2070 VELUX window with a GGL MK08 3070 and this would replace a centre pivot white painted standard glazed window with a centre pivot pine finish standard glazed window.

What do the VELUX window codes mean?

Once you know your VELUX window code you can use this to replace the existing window or you can order the right spare parts or new glazing. The plate denotes the type, the size, the variant, and the production code. The type, size and variant will look familiar if you’ve looked at VELUX windows before.

Do VELUX flashings go out of date?

These continuous improvements over the years have resulted in some of the older styles becoming out of date in terms of shelf life. However, this is not a problem, as the new off-shelf VELUX flashings can be made to fit any older window, in many circumstances.