What is the name of Richmond newspaper?

What is the name of Richmond newspaper?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch (RTD or TD for short) is the primary daily newspaper in Richmond, the capital of Virginia, and the primary newspaper of record for the state of Virginia.

When was the Richmond Enquirer published?

The Richmond Enquirer & Examiner was published from July 15, 1867 to December 31, 1869, when the newspaper changed its name back to simply Richmond Enquirer.

Where was the Richmond Enquirer published?

Richmond, Virginia
About Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, Va.) 1815-1867. Published in Richmond, Virginia, from 1804 to 1877, the Richmond Enquirer, known simply as the Enquirer until 1815, played an influential role in American politics, both in Virginia and beyond.

How old is the Richmond Times-Dispatch?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch traces its beginnings to 1850 with the founding of the Richmond Dispatch by James A. Cowardin. In 1886 Major Lewis Ginter founded a rival paper, The Daily Times, which in 1887 he gave to his friend and attorney, Joseph Bryan, beginning the paper’s long association with the Bryan family.

What is the major newspaper in Virginia?

McLean USA Today USA Today is the largest daily newspaper published in Virginia also one of the most widely circulated daily newspapers in the United States.

Is Richmond a good place to live?

(WWBT) – The U.S. News and World Report ranked Richmond at No. 50 in its annual list of the best cities to live. Richmond was ranked 6.7 out of 10, factoring in desirability, value, job market, quality of life and net migration.

Who is Richmond Whig?

The Richmond Whig was a newspaper published in Richmond, Virginia, between 1824 and 1888.

When was the Southampton tragedy published?

“The Southampton Tragedy.” The Richmond Enquirer, 27 September 1831. Written in Southampton, Virginia.

Who owns the Richmond Times?

Berkshire Hathaway
The Richmond Times-Dispatch is a daily newspaper covering news and events in Richmond, Virginia. The Richmond Times-Dispatch is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, which publishes the paper under the umbrella of BH Media Group – Virginia.

Where is the Richmond Times-Dispatch?

300 E Franklin St Richmond
Richmond Times-Dispatch 300 E Franklin St Richmond, VA Publication Consultants – MapQuest.

Who is Richmond?

Richmond (/ˈrɪtʃmənd/) is the capital city of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. It is the center of the Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and the Greater Richmond Region. Richmond was incorporated in 1742 and has been an independent city since 1871….Richmond, Virginia.

Website rva.gov

Where is the Richmond Times Dispatch?

Is Richmond a boring city?

The city is very conservative, dry and boring. There are several historical places to see, museums, parks and things of that nature. What some Richmonders my age group (20’s) consider to be fun are bar hopping and clubs ALL THE TIME.

Is Richmond poor?

The overall poverty rate in the metro area is 12.4 percent….Cities With the Most Concentrated Poverty, by State.

State Virginia
Metro Area Richmond
Concentrated Poverty Rate (as % of Poor Population) 10.1%
Overall Poverty Rate 12.4%
Neighborhoods With Concentrated Poverty 11 out of 290

Did Nat Turner escape slavery?

Turner knew little about the background of his father, who was believed to have escaped from slavery when Turner was a young boy. Turner spent his entire life in Southampton County….Nat Turner’s background.

Nat Turner
Cause of death Execution by hanging
Nationality American
Known for Nat Turner’s slave rebellion

What kind of person is Nat Turner?

Nathanial “Nat” Turner (1800-1831) was an enslaved man who led a rebellion of enslaved people on August 21, 1831. His action set off a massacre of up to 200 Black people and a new wave of oppressive legislation prohibiting the education, movement, and assembly of enslaved people.

Who owns Lee newspapers?

Lee Enterprises is currently the fourth largest newspaper group in the United States of America. The company acquired Howard Publications (16 daily newspapers) for $694 million in 2002 and Pulitzer, Inc….Lee Enterprises.

Lee headquarters
Traded as Nasdaq: LEE Russell Microcap Index component
Industry Media
Founded 1890
Founder A.W. Lee

Who owns the Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper?

Why is Richmond called Richmond?

The new town was named by William Byrd II after a place in England, because the appearance of the James River from what is today Church Hill resembled the bend in the Thames River at Richmond. Richmond was chosen to be the capital of Virginia in 1780.