What is the district of Aska?

What is the district of Aska?

Ganjam district
Asika or Aska is a town and a Notified Area Council in Ganjam district in the state of Odisha, India.

What is the old name of Ganjam?

Ganjam was a part of ancient Dakshina Kalinga.

Which is the biggest village in Ganjam district?

GANJAM Block – Ganjam

# Villages Population
1 Aliabada 4,035
2 Bahalapur 480
3 Barada 856
4 Damodarpurpankalo 489

Where is khallikote India map?

Khallikote is a town and a Notified Area Council in Ganjam district in the Indian state of Odisha….

Khallikote Location in Odisha Show map of Odisha Show map of India Show all
Coordinates:19.62°N 85.08°E
Country India
State Odisha

What is the Pincode of Aska?

761110Asika / Zip code

Is Ganjam a district?

Ganjam District came into existence on 1st April 1936. The district is named after the old township and European fort of Ganjam situated on the northern bank of river Rushikulya which was the head quarter of the District.

What is the capital of Ganjam?

In 1855, the original headquarter of Ganjam was abandoned owing to the eruption of the epidemic fever in the town for which near about 80 percent of the population of the town was reduced. Temporarily the capital was shifted to Gopalpur and then to the Berhampur and finally to Chhatrapur around 1902.

Why is Ganjam famous?

It is famous for a perennial hot spring of Medicinal Sulfuric Water which is located on the State Highways that… The scenic splendor of Narayani on the lap of the celebrated Vallery Mountain is a famous place in the eastern…

How many villages are there in Aska block?

There are 113 villages in Aska block.

Who is the MP of Ganjam?

Berhampur (Lok Sabha constituency)

Incumbent Chandra Sekhar Sahu
Parliamentary Party Biju Janata Dal
Elected Year 2019
Constituency Details

Which district is khallikote?

District Ganjam
Tahasil Office Khallikote | District Ganjam, Government Of Odisha | India.

What is the Pincode of bhanjanagar Ganjam?

761126Bhanjanagar / Zip code

What is the pin code of Patrapur Ganjam?

761004Patrapur / Zip code

Why Ganjam is famous?

Economic wise, Ganjam is a sub industrial town. The Chilika Lake, which attracts tourists, is known for its scenery and a bird sanctuary is situated in the eastern part of district, near the City of Ganjam. Ganjam shares its boundary with Andhra Pradesh.

How many villages are there in Ganjam?

In Ganjam District as per 2011 Census there are 22 numbers of blocks 503 Gram Panchayats and total 3250 villages ( out of which 2838 are inhabitant village and 412 are un- inhabitant villages).

Is Ganjam is a city?

Ganjam is a town and a notified area council in Ganjam district in the state of Odisha, India.

Who is MP of Aska?

Pramila Bisoyi (née Swaini; born 15 September 1948 ) is an Indian politician who is the current Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha from Aska and hails from Chermaria village of Aska block in Ganjam district, Odisha.

What is the pin code of Ganjam?

Ganjam Pin Code is 761026. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Ganjam is located in district Ganjam, Odisha, INDIA….Ganjam Pin Code.

Office Ganjam
Pincode 761026
Taluk Chhatrapur
Division Berhampur
District Ganjam

What is the Pincode of khallikote Ganjam?

Khallikote pin code

Office Khallikote
Pincode 761030
Taluk Khallikote
Divison Berhampur
District Ganjam

Which district is bhanjanagar?

Ganjam District
Bhanjanagar is a town and a Notified Area Council in the Ganjam District in the state of Odisha, India.

Which district of Odisha lies to the south of Ganjam?

The district of Ganjam is bound by the district of Gajapati in the south. The district of Phulbani bounds the district in the west. The districts of Nayagarh and Khurda lies in the north of Ganjam.

How many villages are there in Ganjam district?

The Ganjam district is subdivided into a number of administrative units. It comprises of 3 subdivisions, 1 municipality, 23 blocks and 12 tehsils. These units are further subdivided into 3,171 villages and 18 towns. The district of Ganjam is bound by the district of Gajapati in the south.

Where is Asika located in Ganjam?

Asika is the 3rd largest city in district of Ganjam after Berhampur and Bhanjanagar. Asika is a major commercial and transportation hub of Ganjam district. It is situated between river Badanadi and holy river Rushikuliya.The National Highway 159 is started here and end at Raipur.

Which is the coastal district of Odisha?

The coastal district of Ganjam is one of the centrally located districts of Odisha. The district covers an area of 8,706 sq. kilometers. The administrative headquarters of the district lies in the town of Chatrapur. The well developed state is reputed for its contribution to the economy of the state of Orissa.