What is OpsCenter in NetBackup?

What is OpsCenter in NetBackup?

OpsCenter is a product which gives you the ability to monitor, alert and do operational reporting on NetBackup, Enterprise Vault, Backup Exec and PureDisk. OpsCenter server is part of NetBackup and can be deployed on master server for managing a single domain, or independently for managing multiple NetBackup Domains.

How do I import my OpsCenter database?

  1. Log on to the old OpsCenter server host and back up the OpsCenter database. The dbbackup.
  2. Install the same version of OpsCenter on the new server.
  3. When the install is complete copy the directory C:\MyDbBackupFolder from the old server to the new server.
  4. Tune OpsCenter to use the resources on the new server.

How do I access NetBackup OpsCenter?

Go to the main OpsCenter URL in a web browser. A login dialog appears. Enter your username and password. The default admin username is admin and the default admin password is admin .

How do I upgrade my NetBackup OpsCenter?

In order to install NetBackup OpsCenter 9.0, follow the installation instruction found in the upgrading OpsCenter topic in chapter 2. Upgrades must be performed in the following order: NetBackup OpsCenter Agent, NetBackup OpsCenter Server, NetBackup OpsCenter View Builder, then your data protection product.

How do I backup my OpsCenter database?

Use OpsCenter to back up data in a cluster to a local destination or cloud location at an interval of your choosing. Restore the data in a cluster from the stored backups. Clone cluster data from one DSE cluster to another, or from a designated other location using the Restore Backup feature in OpsCenter.

How do I access OpsCenter?

How do I add custom certificates to OpsCenter?

Steps to create a new keystore and add your custom certificates:

  1. Stop the OpsCenter WebServer service.
  2. Rename or move the keystore file: keystore_path.
  3. Create a new keystore with a public/private key pair for opscenter.
  4. Generate a certificate signing request (CSR) and store it in a file (certnew.req)

How can I increase the size of my NetBackup database?

After you install OpsCenter, the database size can grow rapidly as you add more NetBackup Master Servers in OpsCenter. See About adjusting the heap size or cache size for OpsCenter services. The information that is published in this section is based on the tests that were performed in Veritas Lab in a controlled environment with expert users.

What are the database files in OpsCenter?

The database files comprise the following files: symcOpscache.db, symcopsscratchdb.db, symcsearchdb.db, and vxpmdb.db Open the INSTALL_PATH\\OpsCenter\\server\\db\\conf\\server.conf file.

How do I move the OpsCenter database to a different disk?

If OpsCenter works as expected, you can delete vxpmdb.db, symcOpscache.db, symcopsscratchdb.db, and symcsearchdb.db from the default location ( INSTALL_PATH\\OpsCenter\\server\\db\\data ). To move the OpsCenter database to a different hard disk on UNIX Stop all OpsCenter server processes. Enter the following command: