What are some Turkish sayings?

What are some Turkish sayings?

Unique Turkish Phrases: a saying for every occasion

  • “Afiyet Olsun” “Afiyet Olsun” – “Enjoy your meal”
  • “Geçmiş olsun” “Geçmiş olsun” – “Get well soon”
  • “Allah nazar korusun” Nazar boncuğu.
  • “İyi ki doğdun” “It’s good that you were born” – Turkish for Happy Birthday.

What are the most difficult Turkish words?

elektrik. (n) electricity. Haydi düğmeleri kapatarak elektrik tasarrufu yapalım.

  • şoför. (n) driver. Details.
  • meşgul. (a) busy. Her zaman seni aradığımda meşgul sinyali alıyorum.
  • Japonya. (n) Japan. Japonya Başbakanı
  • eczane. (n) pharmacy. Eczacı eczanede çalışıyor.
  • şemsiye. (n) umbrella.
  • memnun. (a) satisfied.
  • Yayla. (n) plateau.
  • What is the most beautiful Turkish word?

    Steeped in history, here are some of the most beautiful and inspiring words in the Turkish language.

    • Yakamoz (ya-ka-moz) / Sea sparkle.
    • Aşk (ashk) / Love.
    • Işıl (ishil) / Sparkling.
    • Yürek (yü-reck) / Heart.
    • Babayani (ba-ba-ya-nee) / Unpretentious.
    • Safderun (saf-der-oon) / Endearingly naive.
    • Özgürlük (öz-gür-lük) / Freedom.

    What is chok in Turkish?

    Chok.” That means to put or keep. Chok. ” Bu tutmak anlamına geliyor. After he engaged in an extra-marital affair with Elaine Ng Yi-Lei.

    What does afitos mean?

    The village is expressed in both ways. The first’s name ” afytos ” meaning is that the village had no intense vegetation and the second name over the years was adopted. The settlement is traditional, with stone houses and cobbled streets. In the area where today’s Afitos is located, there was a camp from 3.000 BC.

    What Canim means?

    Turkish -> English canim. Misspelled version of canım. Literal meaning is `My life`. It is used to express affection, similar to sweetheart or honey.

    How do you flirt in Turkish?

    Below are some Turkish compliments you can use to show admiration for the physical appearance of someone you like….A- Compliments.

    Turkish English
    Çok güzelsin. You are very beautiful.
    Çok yakışıklısın. You are very handsome.
    Çok güzel gözlerin var. You have beautiful eyes.

    What is Aşkım?

    English Translation. darling. More meanings for aşkım. my love.

    Why do Turks say Mashallah?

    It is a common expression used by Muslims and Arabs to mean, in its literal sense, that “what God has willed has happened”.

    What is Eyvallah?

    Eyvallah is a Turkish phrase with Arabic origin similar to OK. It is also a Turkish way of greeting others by putting your right hand on your chest. It may also refer to: Eyvallah (Işın Karaca album), album by Turkish singer Işın Karaca.

    Why do Turkish say health to your hands?

    Literally it means “health to your hands,” and is used to compliment any time someone has used their hands to produce something wonderful.

    What is Canim?

    What is Janim in Turkish?

    dear. More meanings for Canım! Darling!

    What is Janam Turkish?

    janam means ” loved one ” (dear) ego. Postby ego » Wed 2007-06-27, 12:18. Ι think jaan means soul and jaanam «my soul». It is similar in Turkish.

    Is Turkish hard to learn?

    In our opinion, it’s one of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn. Turkish is an agglutinative language. What would be a complete sentence in English gets compounded into a single very long word by attaching prefixes and suffixes, rather than using separate prepositions.

    What are the most common phrases in Turkish?

    yeni. Bu benim yeni videom. This is my new video.

  • fazla. O çok fazla . That’s too much.
  • ederim. “Sana inanmıyorum!” “Yemin ederim ! “I don’t believe you!”
  • nerede. Senin tanrın,oşimdi nerede?
  • merhaba. Merhaba Tom,ne var ne yok?
  • efendim. Evet,efendim .
  • şeyi. Neden öyle birşeyi seviyorsun?
  • orada. Orada olmamalıydın.
  • gece. Bu gece olacak.
  • son. Bu senin son uyarın.
  • What are the Greek words used in Turkish?

    Καρπούζι (karpouzi) = watermelon

  • Καβγάς (kavgas) = argument
  • Μανάβης (manavis) = greengrocer
  • Μπατζάκι (mpatzaki) = trouser leg
  • How to say speak in Turkish?

    – ‘Ben’ equals ‘I’ in English. – ‘Türkçe’ equals ‘Turkish’ in English. – ‘Konuşmak’ equals ‘To speak’ in English. – ‘Öğrenmek’ equals ‘To learn’ in English. – ‘Fakat’ equals ‘But’ in English. (Also you can use ‘Ama’ or ‘Ancak’ instead of ‘Fakat’. – ‘Henüz’ equals ‘Still’ in English. – ‘Akıcı’ equals ‘Fluent’ in English. – ‘Değil’ equals ‘Not’ in English.

    How to say truth in Turkish?

    truth noun. hakikat, gerçek, doğruluk, gerçeklik, dürüstlük. come to realize the truth. gerçeğin farkına varmaya. confirm the truth of. doğrulamak.