What are good award names?

What are good award names?

Leadership Award Title Ideas & Recognition Award Names

  • President’s Award.
  • Beyond Call of Duty.
  • Best Team Leader.
  • Pinnacle Award.
  • Leaderboard Award.
  • Ace of Initiative.
  • Hall of Fame.
  • Diamond Club.

What is another name for Employee of the Month?

Other names for this type of recognition award can be: Rising Star Award, Shining Star Award, People Pleaser Award, Above and Beyond Award, All Star Employee Award, Company Excellence Award, Spotlight Award, Pinnacle Award Manager’s Choice Award, Customer’s Choice Award, Merit Award, Flash of Brilliance Award, Game …

What is a Pinnacle award?

Pinnacle Awards: The Best of College Media CMA’s Pinnacle Awards honor the best college media organizations and individual work. The contest is open to student work produced for any college media organization, including print, broadcast and online outlets, during an academic year.

What is a team player award?

TEAM PLAYER. The Team Player Award is granted to those individuals who value the team’s success above their own individual success. They understand how to work in a group and have good judgement. They strive to achieve acclaim for the organization over receiving individual credit and praise for a project.

What are synonyms for won?

In this page you can discover 53 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for won, like: achieved, taken, gained, got, lost, triumphed, overwhelmed, obtained, succeeded, failed and upset.

What is another word for Achievement award?

What is another word for achievement recognition?

prize trophy
prize money recognition
privilege merit
achievement badge of honor
token memorial

What is the Pinnacle Award from Atrium health?

Pinnacle Award recognizes outstanding teammates who demonstrate extraordinary attention to our Commitments: belong, work as one, trust, innovate and excellence through special events, including a surprise patrol, and a breakfast and banquet with their guests and senior leadership.

What is Pinnacle Award in Accenture?

Products Pinnacle awards is a half-yearly award to top performers, issued by Accenture’s India Delivery Center for Technology for employees working for clients in the Products operating group.

What are the 4 civilian awards?

Civilian Awards

  • Bharat Ratna- 1st degree of honour.
  • Padma Vibhushan- 2nd degree of honour.
  • Padma Bhushan- 3rd degree of honour.
  • Padma Shri- 4th degree of honour.

What is a collaboration award?

The Collaboration Award recognises the importance of effective relationships and collaborations within and across disciplines to tackle difficult issues.

What is the synonym of prized?

Synonyms. treasured. valued. a valued member of the team. precious.

What is the synonym of rewarded?

verb. 1’they were to be well rewarded for their work’ recompense, pay, remunerate, give a bounty to, give a present to, make something worth someone’s while, tip, honour, decorate, give an award to, recognize, requite. archaic guerdon.

What are some good prizes to give out to winners?

Here are some ideas for events you could send winners to with your next contest: Sporting events, the bigger the event or the better the seats, the more valuable the prize. Music concerts or stage productions. Fashion shows can make a great prize for clothing and beauty brands to offer.

How can I offer custom prize designs to my winners?

You can offer this type of prize by allowing winner’s to play a role in the final design of their prize. How you allow your winner’s to customise their prize will largely come down to what product you’re offering, but some general ideas are custom embroidery, colour choice, or graphic selection.

What is the best prize to offer in a partner contest?

When you run a partner contest the best prize you can offer is a prize pool made up of products from you and your partners. Prize pools are a great way to encourage participation by offering a valuable prize while showcasing what you and all of your partners have to offer.

What is the role of the prize in a contest?

Just like all the other components of your contest, your prize will play an instrumental role in the promotional outcomes of your contest. Giving away your own products is a great way to use your contest to promote your offering and get people talking and thinking about your product in a desirable way.