Is Vitalin good for carp?

Is Vitalin good for carp?

Method feeder mixes for attracting and catching carp really don’t need to cost a fortune. Method feeder groundbaits are made of all sorts of ingredients these days, with so many specialist products around, but a cheap and effective mix can be made . Try using the incredibly effective ‘dog muesli’ called Vitalin.

What goes in a SPOD mix?

Spod Mix Ingredients

  • 2 Tins of Sweetcorn (Including the liquid!)
  • 2kg Cooked Hemp (Buy)
  • 1kg Mixed Carp Pellets (Buy)
  • 1kg Chopped Boilies (Buy)
  • 2 Handfuls of Tiger Nuts.
  • Few Pinches of Rock Salt.
  • Water for Consistency.

How long do you boil SPOD mix?

Soak the hemp overnight in water using a large bait container with a ratio of 5:1 water to hemp. The following day, add the mixture to a large cooking pot and bring this to the boil over a stove. Continue to cook the mixture for around 10 – 15 minutes.

What is a carps Favourite bait?

Mussels really are a carps favourite and best food source. Fish a couple of tiger nuts as a hook bait over the top of the mix, or even some maize or plastic corn, and you can be on to a real winner.

Can you use rice for fishing?

Rice. Rice has been used by carp anglers for countless years, with many of them choosing to keep it quiet so as not to give away their edge. White rice is low in fat and sugar and is a good source of energy as it is high in carbohydrates.

How do you make a sloppy SPOD mix?

How to create a sloppy zig mix

  1. Ian starts by pouring part of the Super Cloud Zig Mix into a mix bowl.
  2. Give the mix a good covering of water.
  3. Give the mixture a good stir by hand or trowel so it absorbs the water.
  4. Adding more water is encouraged.
  5. This is the gloopy consistency you’re looking for.

Can you SPOD in winter?

Choice of bait plays a huge part in the colder mither that is why this winter spod mix will help to attract a number of species to your swim and thanks to the visual enhancement from the maggots and sweetcorn liquid, it could be the difference between a winter carp and a blank session.

Can you freeze SPOD mix?

( There are no reviews yet. ) We cook, prepare and dispatch our fresh particle the same day to ensure freshness. Use within 3 or 4 days of receiving your order or Freeze ASAP when you receive your order for use when you need it.

Do carp like particles?

Particles are natural, nutritious, extremely cheap and, best of all, carp absolutely love them!

Do carp like fermented bait?

Carp simply love them. They will seek every one out, and if fermented, they can produce a nice cloud. An excellent big-carp bait, particularly if the fish are shy. How do you use them?

What smell attracts carp?

Super sensitive They are also able to distinguish between sweet, savoury and salty substances. The olfactory system is so sensitive the carp is able to detect shrimp hidden in gravel or even bloodworms buried deep in silt beds.

What Colours do carp see best?

For carp (and us), their Red-Green-Blue colour vision is created by a set of cone cells containing opsin, maximally responsive to long wavelengths in the red part of the spectrum; a set sensitive to medium wavelengths in the green part and those sensitive to short wavelengths in the blue part of the spectrum.

Do carp like garlic?

Garlic is quickly becoming recognised as a proven fish attractor and flavour – carp simply love it. Our premium garlic CSL compliments a huge variety of baits and is perfect for use all year round and seems to have extra pulling power in cold or coloured water.

Do carp like tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are widely eaten by humans as part of a healthy diet and have been linked to reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, as well as having multiple vitamin benefits – so it is no surprise that carp will also consume them when available.

Do carp like potatoes?

Potatoes and the starch the tuber produces are highly effective when fishing for carp. “Rollies,” or small balls of sticky and boiled potato bits, attract the fish, enticing them for a meal and letting you enjoy the fight of reeling in your catch.

How often do you Spomb?

As a rule of thumb, put two or three in every five minutes, but once again be accurate, especially when spodding over Zigs as you do not want a mid water shoal moving off you.

What’s in your Spod mix?

#9 Fruity Particle Spod Mix 1 Mixed Bird Seed (Soaked Overnight) 2 Sweetcorn 3 1 Tin Chickpeas 4 1 Pack Strawberry Jelly Powder More

How do you know when you’ve got the perfect Spod mix?

You’ll know when you’ve got the perfect spod mix as it will be wet to touch. You are combining a mix of proven carp catching favourites such as boilies, maize and pellets with the added smell of the crab. Just wash your hands before you go near the Mrs.

What is winter Spod mix?

A Winter Spod Mix Recipe For me, winter is all about introducing a bait that has movement and plenty of smell! This is where maggots, or worms, really come into play! I’ve chosen a video from CARPology, who have created a winter spod mix recipe that has worked really well for me.

Are pre-filled pellets good for Spod mix?

They are very useful, because they are pre-filled with micro pellets that can go straight into your spod mix, and can be re-used after. I find them great for pre-baiting after work, and they can be stacked up afterwards. 4. My Cheap Spod Mix Recipe