Is the Specialized Epic a good mountain bike?

Is the Specialized Epic a good mountain bike?

The 2021 Specialized Epic Comp delivers a fast, reliable ride that feels at home on the racecourse and the trails. The BRAIN suspension works brilliantly, and the updated geometry makes it extremely capable.

Are Epic bikes good?

One of the best-known XC bikes on the market, the latest Specialized Epic is notable for two reasons. First is the updated geometry, reflecting the changing nature of XC courses, with a longer reach and slacker head angle.

How much does a Specialized Epic Expert weight?

21.5 pounds
Select a color and size With a XC World Championship to its name and complete bike weights as low as 21.5 pounds, the Epic® is the lightest, most efficient and fastest performance cross-country bike available.

What is the difference between Specialized Epic and Epic EVO?

The Epic is designed wholly for full gas pedalling around an XC racetrack, while the Evo has adapted the Epic platform to smash XC trails. The Evo and Epic share the same front triangle while the Evo sports a different rear triangle among other tweaks to handle the increased travel and make it a more stable ride.

What is a Specialized Epic?

The Specialized Epic is a race-ready, cross-country beast. It is not designed for rowdy technical terrain. Specialized offers the Epic in standard and EVO versions. The EVO version has an additional 20mm of travel in the fork. It includes a dropper post and wider handlebars.

What type of bike is Specialized Epic?

cross-country bikes
There’s a brand-new Specialized Epic, and we think it’s one of the most radical cross-country bikes around from one of the biggest global players. The geometry echoes that of modern trail bikes, while the new frame smoothly integrates an updated Brain suspension system.

What kind of bike is a Specialized Epic?

How do I adjust my brain fade?

The inertia valve automatically switches from your pre-adjusted Brain Fade™ setting to a fully plush feel when the rear wheel hits a bump. For a firmer ride setting, turn the Brain Fade™ adjustment knob clockwise. For a softer ride setting, turn the Brain Fade™ adjustment knob counterclockwise.

How much does the Epic Expert Evo weight?

Suspension travel generally sits between 110 and 125mm, and they’re fitted with relatively light, fast-rolling tyres on 29in wheels. Dropper posts tend to feature too, for maximum trail flow….Product.

Price GBP £6750.00
Weight 11.11kg (M) – without pedals
Brand Specialized

Can you put a dropper post on a Specialized Epic?

2020 Epic Comp EVO We’ve added a longer travel fork and a dropper post to the Comp-level Epic to create a bike that’s just as fast, but offers even more control when the trail gets hectic…

What is the brain in epic?

The Brain is Epic’s solution to the piece of paper nurses carry around to remind them of significant nursing tasks. It is a one-stop shop for nurses and can include required documentation, medication, dressing changes, assessments, and other tasks necessary to provide comprehensive care to their patients.

How capable is the epic Evo?

Tackling more engaging trails, the Epic EVO feels incredibly capable, but it’s best ridden in a calculated, precise way. While it has a little less travel than some and a more efficient than forgiving feeling through the back end of the bike, it’s seriously impressive just how fast it’ll cover ground.

How big is an epic Evo?

The Specialized Epic EVO is available in five sizes, XS to XL, offering a suitable option for riders between 148 cm and 193 cm tall.

How light is the epic hardtail?

775 grams
As in, super, ultra, mega, stupendously light. Specialized claims the new S-Works Epic HT weighs just 775 grams, give or take half a Mars bar. That is ridonculously light, and over 10% more feathery than the already-svelte 2019 Specialized S-Works Epic HT frame (which wasn’t exactly porky itself at 845g).

How much does a specialized epic hardtail weight?


Price GBP £2250.00
Weight 11.54kg (L)
Brand Specialized

How do you get Brain tab in epic?

To find it, click on the Epic button on the top left after logging in, and then go to the Help section. The Brain is helpful for many but not everyone. I agree some people work better from a list view, and no one way works for all.

What does Epic Evo expert weigh?

Should you buy a specialized epic bike?

If you’re a serious off-road cyclist, then a Specialized Epic bike is probably on your wish list. The Specialized brand is world-renowned for its tough, fast mountain bikes which are the choice of competitive cyclists who have won world championships, Cape Epic races, and gold in the Olympics.

What is the model year of the epic expert carbon 29?

Product Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29 Bike Model Year 2015 Riding Type Cross Country Rider Unisex Sizes and Geometry S, M, L, XL View Geometry Size S M L XL

What is an epic mountain bike?

The Epic range is Specialized’s 29″ full suspension, cross country Mountain Bike range designed for anything from cross country trails to top level competition use.

Are epic bikes good for XC?

For people who are into XC competitions or triathlons, the Epic line of bikes is ideal. With the lighter frames, improved suspension, and better handling, they can help you improve your race times. If you’re looking for a great XC bike, go test drive the Epic models to find the best one for your needs.