How much is the ferry ride from Naples to Capri?

How much is the ferry ride from Naples to Capri?

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Duration 52 min
Distance 34 km
Average price €21
Frequency 21/day

Is a day trip to Capri worth it?

Yes, Capri is unquestionably worth visiting. Capri offers spectacular views, romantic vibes, scenic hiking routes, interesting history, and delicious cuisines. It is especially a great destination for romance seekers. Capri’s breathtaking beauty is truly unmatched anywhere in the world.

Is Capri worth staying on?

if you wanted to relax and discover the island only, Capri would be your best bet…. if you wanted to explore the coast and the nearby points of interest, it may be a bit more difficult to arrange your schedule around ferry times and would be much easier to base yourselves on the mainland….

Can you walk everywhere in Capri?

Walk. Certainly you can walk just about anywhere on the island if you have the time and are somewhat fit. There are places that get fairly steep going up, for example from the Marina Grande to Capri town is a steep uphill walk and takes about 30 minutes without luggage.

Which is better Capri or Sorrento?

It depend on your interest. If you plan on going to the surrounding areas for historic sites, shopping, etc. then I would recommend Sorrento because it is on the main land and you can reach the other areas easier. If however you want to relax and spend the time at a great hotel then taking the hydrofoil over to Capri.

Can you walk around Capri Island?

Wear comfortable footwear: in the center of Capri you can only get around on foot and often a scenic walk is the only way to get between different spots in town.

Is Capri worth visiting?

Do people speak English in Capri?

People speak English throughout Italy and on Capri so that shouldn’t be a problem – however it is nice to perhaps know some phrases in Italian (hello, where is…, how much… etc.) . Popular things to do are the tours to the Blue Grotto, and tons of shopping!

Is Capri a tourist trap?

The harbour is a typical tourist-trap place. The main town, called Capri, makes you think of an over-botoxed, ultra-manicured old lady whose only concerns is to be dressed in the most expensive fashion brands…

How much is the ferry from Naples to Capri?

Gescab operates a ferry from Naples to Capri hourly. Tickets cost €19 – €21 and the journey takes 50 min. Three other operators also service this route. Find the best way to get from A to B, anywhere in the world, on your mobile or tablet.

Where is the ferry port in Capri?

The departure piers are Molo Manfredi and Piazza della Concordia. Ferries to Capri from Positano, Amalfi, and the other towns on the Amalfi Coast run from mid-April through October. The ports are all located in the center of town along the coastline.

When is the best time to travel to Capri?

Summer schedules are generally valid from around Easter to the beginning of November. Schedules sometimes change during the season so we suggest double checking a few days before travel. How long is the ferry trip between Naples and Capri?

Are there any ferry delays in Capri?

It is extremely rare for ferries to be completely suspended between April and the end of October. Call the ferry company or Capri tourist information office Capri +39 081 837 0686 to check if there are delays or cancellations. If you suffer from seasickness, we suggest taking a ferry rather than a hydrofoil.