How much is an Edsel worth today?

How much is an Edsel worth today?

“You can get them for less than $5000. Nice ones go for about $5000 to $10,000,” says Mike Hinsch of North Plains, Oregon, of cars like his 1958 Edsel Pacer two-door hardtop.

How much is a 1959 Edsel worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
HardTop Coupe $7,925
HardTop Sedan $7,000
Sedan $5,200

What is a 1958 Edsel Pacer convertible worth?


Vehicle: 1958 Edsel Pacer convertible
SCM Valuation: $25,000–$60,000
Tune Up Cost: $150
Distributor Caps: $17.40 (OEM)
Chassis Number Location: Plate on driver’s side front door pillar

Can you still buy an Edsel?

A 1957 Edsel Pacer ex-press car, for sale on eBay in March 2018.

How many Edsels still exist?

Fewer than 10,000 Edsels survive and they are considered valuable collectors’ items. A mint-condition Edsel convertible from any of its three model years may sell for over $100,000. The rarest Edsel (by body style) is the 1960 Ranger convertible: only 76 were built. Approximately 25 survive today.

Why did the Edsel not sell?

Whatever small chance of success the Edsel had when it debuted in 1958 was killed by an economic recession. To their credit, Ford executives realized how much of a failure they had on their hands, killing the Edsel brand at the end of 1959.

Why did they stop making the Edsel?

Is an Edsel a Ford?

At the heart of any big flop–like when Ford ended the Edsel 55 years ago, on Nov. 19, 1959–lies high expectations. The Edsel was named after Henry Ford’s son, no small honor, and it had its own division of the company devoted to its creation.

What is an Edsel Ranger?

The Edsel Ranger is an automobile that was produced and sold by the newly formed Edsel Division of Ford for the 1958–1960 model years. It was built on the shorter, narrower Edsel platform, shared with Ford and Edsel Pacer models.

How many years did Ford make the Edsel?

Ugly, overpriced, overhyped, poorly made and poorly timed, the Edsel was made for only two years. In the end, the failed program cost Ford $250 million [source: Carlson]. The “car of the future” is now a cautionary tale in business classrooms, though there were actually a few winners in the case of the Edsel.

What is the rarest Edsel?

For its shortened and final model year, 2,571 Rangers and 275 Villager units were produced (all in the U.S.), with the rarest models being the convertible (76) and the four-door, 9-passenger Villager wagon (59, the rarest).

What was so bad about the Edsel?

How many Edsels are left?

What made the Edsel so bad?

How many 1960 Edsels are left?

They are keen to point out that there are at least five of the original 1960 Ranger convertibles–out of just 76 made–residing in the Phoenix area, a testament to the enduring fondness enthusiasts have for the much-maligned Edsel.

Is the 1959 Edsel Villager wagon a rare car?

Arizona Classic Car Sales is thrilled to offer this beautiful 1959 Edsel Villager Wagon in beautiful yellow over tan interior. This is one rare car and with only 5687 built in 1959 to find a true rust free car is tough. This car has been restored The 1958 Edsel Pacer convertible is for true classic car lovers.

What kind of car is a 1959 Edsel Corsair?

1959 Edsel Villager Wagon, rare car, nice cruiser, newer paint, redone interior, 5 new tires, V8 aut 1959 Edsel Corsair 4dr sedan, nice cruiser, good body, nice interior, fender skirts, V8 auto, runs a 1959 Edsel Corsair hardtop. This was the top of the line model for that year.

How much does a 1959 Edsel Ranger cost in Canada?

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