How much does a filling cost in Dublin?

How much does a filling cost in Dublin?


Composite filling FRONT 85 €
Composite filling PREMOLAR 95 €
Composite filling MOLAR 1 surface 100 €
Composite filling MOLAR 2 surface 120 €

How much does a normal dental filling cost?

In the case of direct tooth fillings, the cost of tooth restoration may vary from 1000 to 3500 INR. Indirect fillings such as Inlays and Onlays are costlier and may cost up to 6000 – 15000 INR. Cosmetic dental bonding may cost up to 1500-8000 INR.

How much does a new filling cost?

Metal filling, also called silver amalgam: $50 to $150 for one or two surfaces of the tooth and $120 to $300 for three or more surfaces. Composite resin fillings, also called clear or tooth colored: $90 to $250 for one or two tooth surfaces and $150 to $450 for three more surfaces.

How much does a white filling cost in Ireland?

Restorations Price
Amalgam Filling (Silver) €80 – €110
Composite Filling (White) €95 – €140
Temporary Filling €50

Can you change fillings to white?

Your dentist will carefully remove your old metal amalgam fillings, along with any additional decay, and will prepare your tooth for a composite white filling. They will carefully choose a shade of composite that matches your natural teeth.

How long does it take to fill 3 cavities?

If you have micro-cavities in your teeth, expect the procedure to be complete in approximately an hour for three teeth. The dental filling procedure is an excellent technique for repairing mild to moderate damage.

How much does a white cavity filling cost?

The Cost of Dental Fillings Without Insurance $50 to $150 for one to two metal (silver amalgam) fillings, and $120 to $300 for three or more. $90 to $250 for one to two tooth-colored resin fillings, and $150 to $450 for three or more.

Is a filling covered by PRSI?

One free check-up each year. Two fillings (when approved by the HSE) Initial root canal treatment (only certain teeth) Wisdom tooth extraction (not including referral to an oral surgeon)

How do dentists remove old fillings?

The dentist can remove an amalgam filling using an evacuator. This piece of equipment is a powerful suction system that can remove mercury vapors and amalgam particles. An evacuator must always be turned on during the removal of an amalgam dental filling.

What happens when fillings get old?

Over time, it can cause it to crack, leak, or fall out. If your filling no longer protects your tooth as it should, it can cause bacteria and tiny food particles to become trapped underneath it. You’ll need to have the filling replaced to prevent new decay.

Can you get 5 fillings at once?

How many fillings can be done at once? There is not a limit to the amount of fillings that can be done in one appointment, however your doctor may advise you to split up your filling into more than one appointment. If your fillings are in the same place, your dentist may do it in one visit.

Is teeth cleaning free in Ireland?

Introduction. The Health Service Executive (HSE) provides some free dental treatment through the public health service. Services are provided by dentists employed by Local Health Offices in your area and by private dentists who have contracts with the HSE to provide certain services.

How much do fillings cost in Dublin?

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Where can I find a dentist in South Dublin?

Merrion Dentistry can be relied upon to provide the best of dental care for you, and is located in South Dublin, Ireland – close to Stillorgan, Kilmacud, Blackrock, Mount Merrion, Foxrock, Booterstown, Donnybrook, Clonskeagh, Sandyford, Dun Laoghaire. Dentist located on level 1 of Stillorgan Shopping Centre.

Why choose dental care Ireland for dental treatment?

At Dental Care Ireland, we endeavour to provide the highest quality of dental care to our patients. Each Dental Care Ireland practice provides a clear and transparent treatment pricing list. Some services are covered through PRSI dental benefits, medical card entitlements and private dental insurance.

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