How do I reset my Eaton transmission?

How do I reset my Eaton transmission?

Note: You may use a PC-based service tool, such as ServiceRanger, to clear fault codes.

  1. Place shift lever in neutral.
  2. Set parking brake.
  3. Turn key on with engine off.
  4. Turn key off and on 6 times within 5 seconds ending with key on.
  5. Turn the key off and allow the system to power.

Are Eaton transmissions synchronized?

The Eaton synchronized 9-speed ES-11109 has been completely redesigned to improve reliability and provide longer service life. Whether you’re hauling freight or dirt, this rugged transmis- sion will meet your needs. Proprietary synchronizer friction material (EFM-H) improves abuse resistance by more than 200%.

Where is the model number on an Eaton transmission?

Locating the transmission tag and identifying the model designation. Transmission model designation (i.e. RT-12609A), and other transmission identification information, are stamped on the transmission tag which is attached to the side of the transmission.

Where is the reversing switch located?

gear box
On most cars the switch is mounted on the gear box and it is operated automatically when reverse gear is selected. If the lights were added after the car was made, the switch may be a manually operated one mounted on the dash.

Why do semis have unsynchronized transmissions?

Many semi-trucks do not have synchronized transmissions. There are a couple of reasons for this decision. The first is that semi-trucks need heavy-duty transmissions. This means that the parts required to build them are much larger and heavier than those used in building transmissions for cars.

Is an Eaton 6-speed synchronized?

6-speed manual synchronized transmission for truck and bus applications. 6-speed manual synchronized transmission for truck and bus applications.

What does RTLO stand for in Eaton transmission?

Roadranger Twin Countershaft w
RTLO = Roadranger Twin Countershaft w/Low Inertia. and Overdrive.

How do I know what model transmission I have?

Open the driver’s side door and find the white card on the side of the door that is filled with small black lettering. This card contains specific details about the year the car was made, its transmission, engine specifications and other details. Underneath or beside the “TR” symbol will be a number code.

What would cause reverse to stop working?

On an automatic transmission, leaking internal gaskets, seals or O-rings will keep clutch packs and bands from engaging gearsets — a common cause for the inability to go in reverse. Leave these for your mechanic to fix.

How do I test a reverse switch?

To check the reverse switch is working correctly, turn the ignition on and select reverse gear. Connect one side of the test lamp to earth and probe each terminal in turn. The switch should illuminate when each terminal is touched. One of the most common problems is a blown bulb.

How long does it take for a transmission to relearn?

Any time a battery is disconnected, or in your case a transmission is replaced, it can take up to 90 days for the engine and transmission computer to relearn your driving habits. It’s normal for an automatic transmission not to shift into higher gears until the engine coolant temperature is at a specified temperature.

What does F mean on transmission?

Active fault code
Flashing “F” in Gear Display Indicates that the transmission has detected an Active fault code. This fault code can be accessed with the ServiceRanger diagnostic software.

What’s the difference between a synchronized and unsynchronized transmission?

Manual transmissions come in two main types: synchronized and unsynchronized. Unsynchronized transmissions require manual synchronizing, which depends on the skill of the driver at each shift event to synchronize gear speeds, particularly on the downshift.