How do I register with WinDeed?

How do I register with WinDeed?

The process of registering for a WinDeed account is easy. Simply select the type of profile that you would like to register, and follow the easy registration steps. Users can also easily navigate to the various pages on once they have completed the registration process.

What is a WinDeed?

Lexis WinDeed is South Africa’s leading online search tool for individual, company and property information. Lexis WinDeed provides fast and reliable access to South Africa’s major registration offices including the Deeds Office, CIPC and leading Credit Bureaus.

What is WinDeed property report?

The WinDeed Property Report is a Comparative Market Analysis tool including comparable sales information including registered sales, sales pending registration and properties listed for sale. The WinDeed Property Report provides all the information you expect from a Deeds Office property search, and much more.

How do I find a company on WinDeed?

  1. Select ‘Company’ under the ‘Person’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. Supply required search criteria and select ‘Next’. Lexis WinDeed will return a list of results that matches the search criteria provided.
  3. Locate the subject on the list and select ‘Search’ to perform a search on that company.

How can I find out who owns a property in South Africa?

  1. go to any deeds office (deeds registries may not give out information acting on a letter or a telephone call)
  2. go to the information desk where an official will help you to complete a prescribed form and explain the procedure.
  3. request a search on the property, and.
  4. pay the required fee at the cashier’s office.

How do you get a SG diagram on WinDeed?

SG Diagrams can be requested from a Deeds Office search result. The document will be made available as soon as it is delivered by the SG Office – this normally takes a few days.

How do I get a title deed on WinDeed?

Request a copy of a registered document at the Deeds Office including title deeds, bond contracts, antenuptial agreements.

  1. Select ‘Request’ in the linked search section to initiate the process. A confirmation dialog will appear.
  2. Confirm the request by selecting ‘I accept’ on the confirmation.

How do I check a title deed online in South Africa?

Searching for these documents online can be done at, my deed search South Africa or at DeedsWeb. DeedsWeb is the official site of the National Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. It disseminates information about all matters involving property ownership.

How do I find out who owns a property in South Africa?

How do I find my erf number?

Search using your erf (plot) number This is the unique number of the erf as it appears on the Surveyor General’s diagram. It is the legal description of your property. You will find it on the reverse side of your rates account, in the line containing the address. Type the number, without the suburb name.

How do you check if a company is registered in South Africa free?

Director search You can also get information about the name of the firm, the postal address, the registration number and date as well as the status of the firm by conducting a free search on CIPC. To do this, you should visit the CIPC portal and perform the company name search. These details are issued at no cost.

How do I find out who is the owner of a house?

8 Ways To Find The Owner Of A Property

  1. Check Your Local Assessor’s Office.
  2. Check With The County Clerk.
  3. Go To Your Local Library.
  4. Ask A Real Estate Agent.
  5. Talk To A Title Company.
  6. Use The Internet.
  7. Talk To A Lawyer.
  8. Knock On Their Door Or Leave A Note.

How much does SearchWorks cost?

NO MONTHLY FEE • Searches are charged per search. Should you require additional details relating to SearchWorks, our team is on hand to assist. Please please visit

How do I find out if a deed is valid?

The Register of Deeds should be able to provide you a “Certified True Copy” of the title to ensure its authenticity. Request the seller of the property to give you a photocopy of the title since the Register of Deeds will need information such as the title number and the owner’s name.