How do I download Linksys?

How do I download Linksys?

Go to the Linksys support site and enter the model number of your Linksys device in the Search by Product Name or Model Number field.

  1. Click the DOWNLOADS / FIRMWARE button.
  2. Select the correct hardware version of your device to display all the available downloads.
  3. Click the Download link.

How do I access my Linksys E2500 router settings?

Configuration for Linksys routers: E1200, E1500, E2500, E3200, E4200, WRT160n

  1. Access the router’s browser-based utility. Log into your router’s browser-based utility by entering 192.168.
  2. Go to the “Setup” menu. Click on the “Setup” tab.
  3. Go to the “Basic Setup” page.
  4. Enter the first DNS resolver.
  5. Save your settings.

How do I install Linksys router without CD?

Setting up your Linksys Wi-Fi Router without a Setup CD

  1. Go to the Linksys Support Site.
  2. Click on the DOWNLOADS / FIRMWARE button.
  3. Select the Hardware version of your device.
  4. Locate the Setup Software for your computer and click Download.
  5. Save the Setup Software and select a location on your computer to save the file.

Where do I find Linksys connect?

To download the software, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Linksys Support Site.
  2. Enter the Model Number of your device in the Search by Product or Model Number search field and select the model number of your device.
  3. You will be directed to the product’s support page.
  4. Select the Hardware version of your device.

How do I set up a new Linksys router?

Insert the Linksys Connect Setup CD in your computer’s CD drive. Once a pop-up window appears, click on Set up your Linksys Router. If you do not see any, double-click on the Computer or My Computer icon on your Desktop. Look for the icon then double-click it.

How do I add a Linksys router to my computer?

Launch Linksys Connect on your main computer. If you’re using a Windows computer, go to Start > All Programs > Linksys Connect. To launch Linksys Connect on a Mac® computer, navigate to the Applications folder in Go, and then start Linksys Connect.

How do I connect my Linksys to my Wi-Fi?

How to connect wireless devices to your network using the Linksys cloud account

  1. Access your Linksys cloud account.
  2. Click Device List under the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Tools navigation menu.
  3. Click on the Add a Device button.
  4. In the Select the type of device to add to your network page, select Other.

How do I setup my Linksys router for the first time?

What is my Linksys router IP address?
The default IP address of a Linksys router is “192.168. 1.1”.

How do I connect my Linksys to the internet?

Connect the Cable modem to the router’s WAN or Internet port. Step 2: Connect a computer to any of the router’s numbered ports (1, 2, 3 or 4). If you are using a wireless computer, you will need to connect it first with an Ethernet cable.

How do I connect my Linksys router to my Wi-Fi?