How do I contact O2?

How do I contact O2?

Network&Roaming. Help with network issues and using your phone abroad.

  • My O2. Manage your account,check upgrade info,view your bill and more.
  • Pay Monthly. Info on upgrades,using your phone abroad and offers.
  • Pay As You Go. Find the best way to top up and check your balance.
  • Your device. Get help with your phone,tablet or sim.
  • Are 0800 numbers free to call on O2?

    0800 and 0808 numbers are free – it’s also free to call O2 Customer Service numbers. 090 / 091 numbers are premium rate numbers, usually used for services such as horoscope readings, competitions and high-end technical support. 118 numbers are for directory enquiries.

    What is the voicemail centre number for O2?

    dial 901 from your O2 mobile

  • press*
  • choose option 3
  • follow the prompts to personalise your message.
  • 0 to pause or continue
  • 4 to skip back five seconds
  • 6 to skip forward five seconds.
  • 1 to replay it
  • 2 to save it
  • 3 to delete it
  • How do I change my mobile phone number on O2?

    Your old EE Mobile mobile phone number that you want to keep.

  • The EE Mobile PAC code (Porting Authorization Code) from your previous network.
  • The expiry date of the PAC number (valid for 30 days from the date of issue).
  • The temporary mobile number from your new O2 SIM card activation.
  • If you’re an O2 mobile customer, please call your normal Customer Service number….​For any other Pay Monthly questions, check our Pay Monthly help articles.​

    Customer Service Number Charges
    From your O2 mobile 202 Free
    From a landline 0344 809 0202 Standard UK rate
    From abroad +44 7860 980 202 Free†

    What is an O2 business account?

    My O2 Business is the place where you can view and manage all your account and billing details. Whether you’re an administrator or an end user, My O2 Business puts you in control. In the My Account section you can request changes to your account, swap sims and more.

    How do I cancel my O2 business contract?

    Leaving O2

    1. Leaving O2. We’re sorry you’re thinking of leaving.
    2. How do I end my O2 contract? If you decide to leave us, you can cancel your contract any time by calling 202, free from your O2 phone, and giving 30 days’ notice.
    3. Give us a call.
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    How do I speak to an O2 Advisor Online?

    Just start a webchat with an O2 advisor. You can do this by tapping the O2 logo in your contacts list.

    How do I activate My O2 business account?

    To get a new link, just go to My O2 Business and select the sign in box. Then, click ‘request another email’. We’ll send a new link to your registered email address within a few minutes (remember to check your junk email folder). Just click on the link and activate your account to sign in.

    Can I change My O2 contract to business?

    Transfer an account. From time to time you may want to transfer ownership of one O2 Business account to another. Or you may want to switch your personal account to a business tariff. In either case, you’ll need to complete a transfer of ownership form.

    Is O2 number 202 free?

    We’re here if you’d like to discuss your options or hear about any offers – just give us a call on 202, free from your O2 phone. Remember that if you’re on O2 Refresh, including our custom plans, you can change your phone or tariff whenever you like.

    Is there a live chat for O2?

    The O2 live chat is open for the following hours: The free webchat button can be found in the top left-hand corner of the page. When you launch the webchat, you will be taken to the next available agent in little or no waiting time.

    How do I change my business address with O2?

    To change your address, sign in to My O2 from a computer, laptop or tablet and follow these steps:

    1. choose the mobile number you want to change the address for.
    2. select Bills at the top of the My Device page.
    3. scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Change my billing address.
    4. we’ll send a code to your device.

    How do I access My O2 account?

    To sign in, visit My O2 or open the app and enter your username and password. On the website, ticking ‘Remember my username’ will help you sign in faster next time. To reset your details, click on ‘Forgotten your username or password?’ and follow the instructions.

    Can you change personal phone to business?

    Re: Moving number from personal phone to new business phone Existing customers with a personal account can change their account to a business account one the relevant proofs have been sent over. You also have the option to change ownership, switching your line and plan to an existing business account too.

    How do I cancel My O2 business contract?

    How do I terminate my O2 contract?

    How do I end my O2 contract? If you decide to leave us, you can cancel your contract any time by calling 202, free from your O2 phone, and giving 30 days’ notice. Before you leave us, you’ll need to pay any outstanding charges on your account. Your contract will end 30 days after we receive your request to leave.

    Is O2 202 number free?

    How do I change my billing address?

    How to change your billing address

    1. Use your credit card issuer’s website or app. Log in to your online account and change the billing address associated with your profile.
    2. Call customer support.
    3. Update your address via mail.
    4. Update your address in person.